2011 B.C. Entrepreneur of the Year

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2011 Entrepreneur of the Year | BCBusiness

2011 B.C. Entrepreneur of the Year

What ignites this year's Entrepreneurs of the Year competition is passion – an unfiltered, raw emotional fuel that drives these select few to transcend the pack.

This year’s roster of outstanding entrepreneurs can teach us all to find the inspiration to excel, whatever we do.

Robert Little, FPI Fireplace Products International | BCBusiness

2011 B.C. Entrepreneur of the Year: Robert Little

“I’m a typical entrepreneur: No education, totally disorganized, somewhat dysfunctional.”

Vikram Vij, Vij's Restaurant | BCBusiness

2011 Hospitality and Tourism EOY: Vikram Vij

“I get nervous," says the restaurateur. "I actually have goose pimples."

Diane Johnson, Descriptive Video Works | BCBusiness

2011 Social Entrepreneur of the Year: Diane Johnson

“As sighted people, we don’t realize all the nuances that might be missed on screen.”

Attila & Boldijarre Koronczay, Eminence Organic Skin Care | BCBusiness

2011 B2C Products & Services EOY: Attila & Boldijarre Koronczay

“This green fever is pretty recent. People thought we were like hippies.”

Joshua Huen, Dr. Battery | BCBusiness

2011 Young EOY: Joshua Huen

“E-bikes are expensive because the battery is. But I’m in batteries. I can control the price.”

John Nicola, Nicola Wealth Management | BCBusiness

2011 Financial Services EOY: John Nicola

“The apprenticing model is the kind of learning you need once your formal learning is finished.”

Don McInnes, Alterra Power Corp | BCBusiness

2011 Cleantech & Information Technology EOY: Don McInnes

“It all comes down to looking around at what’s happening in trends.”

John Tilstra, Centra Construction Group | BCBusiness

2011 Real Estate and Construction EOY: John Tilstra

“I learned that you’ve got to build a barn before you can milk the cows.”

Keith Neumeyer
, First Majestic Silver Corp. | BCBusiness

2011 Mining and Metals EOY: Keith Neumeyer

“I was just fascinated with industry, and very fascinated with construction. Big things.”

Darby Kreitz
, Allnorth 
Consultants Ltd. | BCBusiness

2011 B2B EOY: Darby Kreitz

“The real challenge is not getting work; it’s getting people to do the work that’s out there.”

2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Runners-Up

From manufacturing to mining and metals, these are the runners-up for 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year.

2011 B.C. Entrepreneur of the Year Gala

A photo gallery: Who made the Social List at B.C.'s biggest business event of the year?

2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Judging | BCBusiness

How B.C.'s EOY 2011 Winners Were Chosen

Looking at the judging criteria, the judges, and the process of becoming an Entrepreneur of the Year.

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