2011 Best Companies to Work For in B.C.

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2011 Best Companies to Work For in B.C.

Welcome to the 10th annual Best Companies survey, where once again we open a window into B.C.’s working world to provide an extensive snapshot of best practices among regional employers.

At the end of the day, it’s not the games lounges and the karaoke parties that bring them back each Monday morning. It’s not even the handsome pay packets. When we asked employees what keeps them truly invested in their work, we found that the core motivators are actually quite simple – a sense of worth and a feeling of connection.


Best Companies in B.C. 2011 | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: More Than 100 Employees

Charting the best workplaces of the big guys in B.C.

2011 Best Companies' Personas

If these best companies had musician alter-egos, what shape would they take?

Best Companies in B.C. 2011 | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: 100 Employees or Fewer

Say hello to 2011's best small companies to work for in B.C.

Mr. Lube Canada | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Retail

The value of constructive criticism and retail's top five businesses in B.C.

Waterpark | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution

Discussing what the five best consider the key to employee retention.

Adrena Line Adventure Tours | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Hospitality & Tourism

The top five attest to the importance of training and company culture.

Kardium Inc. | BCBusiness

Best Companies 2011: Health Sciences & Services

Being the best in your sector is a talent magnet, as the health sciences and services top five prove.

Office lounge | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Financial Services

Relaxing on small details pays dividends 
for B.C.'s best financial services employers.

All-staff meeting | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Public Sector, Non-profit, Crown

As these best companies have learned, the important acknowledgements are often cheap or free.

6S Marketing | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Professional Services & Communications

B.C.'s best communications companies share their secrets for keeping Gen-Y staff engaged.

Work ping-pong | BCBusiness

2011 Best Companies: Digital Tech & Tech Services

The top five give credence to the "work hard, play hard" cliché in the tech industry.

2011 Best Companies Awards Gala

Photos from the 10th annual Best Companies Awards gala.

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