BCBusiness Magazine | January 2013

BCBusiness magazine, January 2013
Secure in the knowledge that the world wouldn't end last month, we explored what the year ahead will bring to B.C.'s economy and workforce. With reader survey results and expert testimony – not to mention design upgrades you'll be seeing more of in BCBusiness this year – check out the definitive guide to the issues that will matter to you and your business over the next 12 months.
by Tom Gierasimczuk and Day Helesic
Metro Vancouver is in charge of water supply, recycling, regional growth strategy and many more of the Lower Mainland's life-support systems. It's also gearing up to spend $636 million taxpayer dollars this year, led by a new boss. Meet Carol Mason, the new, unassuming leader behind this unelected government entity.
by Richard Littlemore
Why provincial startups owe the B.C. Securities Commission CEO.
by David Jordan
Long-term disability due to mental illness is on the rise. Is your business equipped to deal with it?


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