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B.C. real estate council will look into 'shadow flipping'

Plus, more supply and demand for Vancouver office space and B.C.'s thirst for beer


A Vancouver chef is making airline food you'll actually want to eat

Celebrity chefs are all the rage–including, increasingly, on airlines’ stratified menus


Poll: Should B.C. be known for its resources or its resourcefulness?

Does it matter whether B.C. describes itself as a resource-based economy or not?


2015 was a honey of a year for B.C. beekeepers

Plus, B.C. leads Canadian jobs growth and LNG Canada receives second key approval


Poll: Should B.C. businesses have to use English?

Should English (or French) be the universal language of business or should we take a more laissez-faire approach?


Events of the year: 2015

A look back at the bright faces who attended some of this year's most notable business and charity events


The Lunch With Lucy stories of 2015

A look back at columnist Lucy Hyslop's interviews from the past year

Business lunch | BCBusiness


The best places in B.C. for a power lunch

BCBusiness brings you our top picks for restaurants to host a business lunch and close a deal


SPUD pedals grocery delivery, and Meinhardt goes downtown: roundup

Two mainstays in Vancouver's grocery industry make big moves


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