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D-I-Y Management

How to deal with a dissatisfied stakeholder

A disgruntled stakeholder can disrupt a business–and not in a good way. Blair Horn, partner at Fasken Martineau, and Vivienne Stewart, principal of Railtown Law, offer tips on how to avoid, and resolve, such discontent

 Shane O’Brien | Gallery Jones

Tourism & Culture

The battle between artists and fraudsters in today's digital age

The Internet has made B.C. artwork susceptible to theft by corporate interests. But in a copyright fight against Goliath, David can still win, say legal experts

Otto Folprecht | CEO of Vodis

Natural Resources

Pot producers get creative as feds mull reforms

Over two dozen licensed producers built business plans upon new legislation governing medical marijuana. All that’s now up in the air 


Former president strikes back at UBC

Plus, Wilderness Committee wins in court and B.C. entrepreneurs buck up

Tech & Science

Even drone manufacturers think rules are overdue

The proliferation of drones has been a boon to several industries, but it’s also raising serious safety concerns 

bcbusiness+ WorkSafeBC

Are your newest hires properly trained?

Why making sure a new employee is educated on safe workplace processes is the smartest business decision a manager can make

Keith Bergner | BCBusiness


The High Demand for Aboriginal Lawyers

After a decade of landmark rulings on native rights, aboriginal lawyers are in high demand—especially in B.C., home to more than a third of Canada’s First Nations. While arguably the most exciting and consequential field in law today, it is also one of the most unpredictable

Eldorado Gold's Olympias site in Greece | BCBusiness

Natural Resources

Vancouver's Eldorado Gold halts Greek mines, 2,000 jobs at stake

Plus, cities question Site C and a night club becomes a mall

D-I-Y Management

5 things to know about how to protect your intellectual property

Intellectual property lawyer Christopher Scott of Oyen Wiggs Green and Mutala LLP and Georg Reuter, partner at Richards Buell Sutton LLP, discuss who owns what information in the workplace

Uber in Seattle | BCBusiness

Tech & Science

Why Vancouver has been slow to adopt the sharing economy

The sharing economy has upended established markets and irritated entrenched industries in cities around the world. The West Coast of North America is particularly fertile ground for this libertarian, tech-forward way of living, with Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and other now-multibillion-dollar enterprises dominating the competitive landscape. So why has Vancouver been so slow to hop on board?


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