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Enbridge will not appeal ruling against pipeline

Plus, new LNG deal, pot outgrows the ziplock and monetizing green


Prime Minister will likely approve Kinder Morgan pipeline: source

Plus, Site C mitigation dollars, Robert and the Giant Peach, and booming agriculture exports


Enbridge acquires Spectra Energy in $37-billion deal

Plus, G20 countries agree to end fossil fuel subsidies, pipeline industry group “pushes buttons,” and Great Green Wall thickens

Miner to missionary: The Ross Beaty story

Ross Beaty was one of mining’s giants before taking a green turn eight years ago to become the face of B.C.’s alternative energy sector. He’s finding both his new industry–and his controversial new message for a “no-growth” way of life–a tough sell


Booming Vancouver film industry short on locations and workers

Plus, North Coast First Nation reconsiders LNG, Ivanhoe attracts unsolicited interest, report forecasts mining workers shortage, and Victoria says no to fracking

bcbusiness+ WorkSafeBC

Are your newest hires properly trained?

Why making sure a new employee is educated on safe workplace processes is the smartest business decision a manager can make


Numerology: Sustaining our fisheries

A look at sustainable seafood stats as Vancouver gets set to host the International Aquarium Congress on September 25

Chief Ian Campbell | Squamish First Nation

Squamish First Nation Chief Ian Campbell on his ambitious plans

The hereditary chief discusses avoiding courts and building a new relationship with industry and government


Vancouver's Rusoro Mining wins US$1.2-billion lawsuit

Kim Baird talks pipeline expansion, America’s first offshore wind farm nears completion, gold prices boost recycling industry, and Tesla pushes solar shingles

Baldwin Hills Dam | BCBusiness

Poll: Should fracking be banned in B.C.?

Some BC Hydro experts are worried that fracking could cause dams to fail


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