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Two in three in Vancouver approve of dispensaries

Acceptance of dispensaries high, but not universal, as city prepares to shut dozens down

Otto Folprecht | CEO of Vodis

Pot producers get creative as feds mull reforms

Over two dozen licensed producers built business plans upon new legislation governing medical marijuana. All that’s now up in the air 

Study gauges economic effect of clean-energy sector

Capital investment in the clean-power industry is more than twice the investment in mining

Mining Association endorses a national price on carbon

The group representing some of B.C.’s biggest miners wants a carbon price—but doesn’t name one

Helicopter crews snip tree tops to find minerals underground

A Geoscience BC pilot project analyzes trace elements in spruce trees to uncover minerals in difficult terrain

Fracking causes small quakes in northeast B.C.: study

New study links seismic activity to hydraulic fracturing in B.C. and Alberta oil and gas fields

Public attitudes on LNG start to sour

61 per cent of British Columbians have concerns about fracking—and that’s affecting what they think of LNG

Timber Kings

Timber Kings star reflects on rustic beginnings

How one of the stars of HGTV put Williams Lake–and his booming log-home business–on the map 

B.C.'s natural gas reserves dwarf earlier estimates

Low global oil and gas prices, and uncertainty of liquefying facilities challenge BC's LNG aspirations


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