John Fluevog


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Image by: BCBusiness
John Fluevog
Owner, John Fluevog Boots & Shoes

What’s your top goal for 2010?
I want to take the design process and make it more mechanical, because inventory and the movement of it is what retailing is all about.

In your world, what needs to happen to make the year a success?
I need to watch our inventory more closely. I have a really good motor – eight cylinders – but not all of the time is there a spark getting to them. From manufacturing to design, retail, sales and advertising, there are so many components. I would like them getting more evenly fired.

How will the Olympics impact your organization now and in the years to come?
I know that people coming from North Vancouver to downtown, for instance, will have a hard time getting here. Ask me afterward, but right now I’m thinking, “Let me just get through this.” Maybe I’ll see an increase in sales because of the Olympics. I’m certainly not counting on it.


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