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Natural Resources

NEB approves Trans Mountain pipeline expansion—with conditions

Business groups are in favour. Environmentalists, not so much

Double Commute


Why the car is winning the commuter war—and what can be done to stop it

Commuting is a fact of life for just about anybody who works for a living. It’s also a key factor in the economic, environmental and emotional health of a community. We look at the true cost of commuting, how residents and businesses are reorienting themselves to face the new reality (including taking a rowboat to work!)—and what, if anything, transportation planners can do to get us out of our cars

The Daily

Poor public transit and expensive housing are hurting Greater Vancouver's economy, says report

Conference Board of Canada ranks Greater Vancouver ninth out of 20 international metropolitan areas


How to manage your reputation online

Google never forgets, but you can influence which search results about you are most visible

Real Estate

Politicians to blame for Vancouver housing crisis, says SFU professor

Report takes on the causes, consequences and rhetoric in Vancouver’s heated real estate debate

bcbusiness+ Willson International
Willson International

The Single Most Costly Error Importers and Exporters Make

Peter Willson, CEO of Willson International, discusses what companies need to manage so they can reap the benefits of the free trade agreements 


Poll: What should Vancouver do about empty houses?

Weigh-in with your thoughts


B.C. cuts film tax credits—and filmmakers say that's OK

Tax breaks to industry to fall by five per cent

Climate Change

Natural Resources

How the new federal government is helping B.C. regain its green reputation

B.C. used to be a leader in climate-change policy, but in recent years protecting the environment has taken a back seat to resource development. Can a popular new prime minister spur the province to rebuild its green cred? 

Real Estate

Burnaby seeks to make a downtown out of Metrotown

Plan, still in its early stages, calls for an up zoning of Kingsway


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