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B.C. cuts film tax credits—and filmmakers say that's OK

Tax breaks to industry to fall by five per cent

Real Estate

Burnaby seeks to make a downtown out of Metrotown

Plan, still in its early stages, calls for an up zoning of Kingsway

Real Estate

Metro Vancouver to look at dwindling supply of industrial land

However, the definition of "industrial" is shifting to allow different uses

I'm Right and You're an Idiot

Manufacturing & Transport

Business events and books to check out in May

Things to do and read this month to nourish the corporate mind and soul


Cost of raising a family in B.C. drops

New federal child benefit offsets the rising cost of living

bcbusiness+ Willson International
Willson International

The Single Most Costly Error Importers and Exporters Make

Peter Willson, CEO of Willson International, discusses what companies need to manage so they can reap the benefits of the free trade agreements 

Tech & Science

B.C. lags Ontario on environmental performance

Conference Board of Canada gives B.C. a C for environmental performance

Otto Folprecht | CEO of Vodis

Natural Resources

Pot producers get creative as feds mull reforms

Over two dozen licensed producers built business plans upon new legislation governing medical marijuana. All that’s now up in the air 


Vancouver developers eye benefits of car-sharing

Developers embrace car-sharing to save on parking costs while planners eye its impact on transit


Are Vancouver pot dispensaries’ dreams up in smoke?

Dispensaries without a business licence (which is most of them) must shut down by May


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