Big Fat Deal: $10.5 million to live the good life in Kelowna


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Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 4 - 180 Sheerwater Court, Kelowna
Price: $10,500,000
MLS: 10108859
The skinny: Five-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 11,500-square-foot lakefront Kelowna home on 2.5 acres.
The bling: It’s a new year and you’ve made a promise to treat yourself well. And what better investment than a house with everything you need to live a good life and—more importantly—look good living it? With your own gym, infinity pool, hiking trails and private beach, there’s no reason to curtain all that glass and hide the fruits of your labour. After your workout, take a moment to make your inside beautiful, too, and centre yourself in the Zen garden before heading to the spa to buff everything into perfection. Yes, your new home includes a steam room, nail bar and pedicure chair. Suitably primped, settle the pooch down on his own king-size luxury bed before chilling out in your silk PJs and stretching out in the conversation pit. You can bask in the knowledge you must have done something impressive in a former life when your earthly rewards are this spectacular.
The hidden extras: Movie theatre, games room, wine cellar, walk-in closets, six-car garage, guest house and, what every homeowner is looking for in 2016—Bengal tigerwood barn doors. No, really: Bengal tigerwood barn doors. There’s the clincher, right there.

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