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Natural Resources

The problem with (self-regulated) environmental assessments

With the feds now promoting a self-regulating, self-reporting model of assessment, many worry that the environment—and the public interest—is being compromised for the sake of the almighty dollar

Research | Northern B.C. | Sustainability


Why YVR just opened an outlet mall

Plus, the sad fate of seabirds—and soon, Fraser River fish

Research | Travel | Fisheries & Agriculture

Natural Resources

An NHL team in Seattle?

Plus, Vancouver's luxury housing market gets hotter and new rules to protect dairy cows  

Research | Sustainability

Natural Resources

Can B.C.'s forests cope with climate change?

Rising global temperatures are wreaking havoc on our forests, a situation thrown into stark relief by the recent mountain pine beetle epidemic. Now a group of B.C. scientists think they have found a way to anticipate–and adapt to, climate change

Research | Northern B.C.

Natural Resources

A B.C. town concedes defeat to the pine beetle

Quesnel was at the heart of B.C.’s pine beetle infestation. Now its mayor is preparing for a life after forestry

Research | Northern B.C.

Real Estate

Q&A with Andy Yan

Vancouver’s most famous urban planner and researcher on how to build a livable city—and avoid the zombie apocalypse

Research | Politics & Policy

Manufacturing & Transport

BCBusiness survey: How China-connected are B.C. companies?

Our exclusive survey of you, our readers, on the biggest elephant in business: China

Small Business | Research | Asia Pacific


Night at the Aquarium raises $360,000

Ninth annual gala supports marine research, rescue and conservation

Research | Philanthropy


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