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Meet the B.C. multimillionaire who has devoted his fortune to saving the sea

In less than six years, a former fishing lodge on remote Calvert Island has become one of the leading centres for marine research in Canada. Some 200 scientists and 80 research projects on B.C.’s central coast trace their work to the Hakai Institute’s support—and none of it would have been possible without the hands-on (and surprisingly low-profile) philanthropy of Eric Peterson

Tech & Science

Even drone manufacturers think rules are overdue

The proliferation of drones has been a boon to several industries, but it’s also raising serious safety concerns 

Angus Drive | BCBusiness

Real Estate

Who is buying homes on Vancouver's Angus Drive?

A BCBusiness investigation into 40 transactions along one iconic Vancouver street—who’s buying, who’s paying cash, who’s tearing down and building anew—reveals a real estate market unhinged 

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Best Cities for Work in 2016: the ranking

See which cities topped our second annual ranking of B.C.'s best job markets

Real Estate

Vancouver real estate prices up an eye-popping 18 per cent over 2014

Plus, a potential treatment for prostate cancer at UBC garners the university $142 million and the mayors ask for more control of TransLink


British Columbians keep spending despite record debt

Plus, new funding for fin tech startup and pioneer store moves to Williams Lake

Pepsi UrtheCast | BCBusiness

Marketing & Media

Vancouver's UrtheCast takes the first selfie from space

Shots from space feature in videos for Bond film, Pepsi Challenge


B.C. leads the country in retail spending

Plus, apple growers vote on the fate of the Ambrosia and Dianne Watts's new gig


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