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Victoria's Secret and the American Invasion

The influx of American brands opening in B.C. continues with Victoria's Secret's flagship store on Robson Street

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How to Attract and Develop Top Talent

Three executives share their successes, failures and best advice for acquiring and retaining the best team

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Paper Hound | BCBusiness

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Bookstore Bucks Trend Toward E-Readers

A Vancouver book store finds its niche in the world of tablets

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Naked Bicycles | BCBusiness

Manufacturing & Transport

The Rise of Bespoke Bicycles

Local entrepreneurs are building their businesses—and massive wait-lists—one meticulously crafted ride at a time

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Marketing & Media

Why Small Business Needs Branding

Branding is crucial for small business, and although owners acknowledge its value, they're often slow to react. Our experts tell you why you need solid branding now

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Bar Stool Company Skips Straight to E-Comm

Not all products should be sold online, but it turns out bar stools are a business that can thrive there

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Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts | BCBusiness


Surrey, the Startup City

No longer a punchline for smug Vancouverites, Surrey is the city of the future

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Pacific Northwest Earthquake | BCBusiness

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The Cascadia Fault: An Inconvenient Truth

The human and economic devastation of the coming West Coast earthquakes is unimaginable

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Cross-Border Shopping | BCBusiness

Tourism & Culture

Marketing B.C. Tourism to the U.S.

Destination BC is still competing for those American tourist bucks, even if the Canadian Tourism Commission has waved the white flag

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Vancouver well read city | BCBusiness


Vancouver's Well Read Reputation

B.C.'s density of small businesses and entrepreneurs shines through in Amazon report

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