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Nov 27, 2022
Big and small organizations honoured at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce's Business Excellence Awards

Earlier this week, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce recognized the top business leaders in Richmond at its 45th annual Business Excellence Awards. Awards were handed out in 10 categories, as well as a hall of fame induction which honours a...

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Nov 25, 2022
Arc'teryx hits new firsts with Kitsilano store as company continues business model shift
Nathan Caddell

Arc’teryx has been a household name in B.C. for some time. Unlike a lot of retail brands, though, that reputation was built mostly through wholesale deals. These days, that’s changing. Nowhere is that more evident than in Kitsilano, where the...

Nov 25, 2022
Go Figure: Numbers prove that B.C.'s boomers are doing well enough on their own
Melissa Edwards

This fall’s Seniors Living Expo hinted at some big business in selling to an aging population.

Nov 24, 2022
A peek behind the curtain of Vancouver's largest construction project in the former Oakridge Centre
Richard Littlemore

Walking or driving by the corner of Cambie Street and 41st Avenue—the former site of the Oakridge shopping centre—you just know that whatever is going on behind the chain-link fencing and the shipping-container hoarding must be chaos. Seriously: look skyward and...

Nov 24, 2022
Market Trends in the Tech Sector
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + IT/IQ Tech Recruiters IT/IQ is a BC-based provider of specialized Information Technology (IT) recruitment and staffing solutions. Since 2002, the company has grown into a national organization with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. IT/IQ's team is placing 1.6 IT professionals...

Nov 23, 2022
Burnaby-based Clio makes a case for its new legal payment processing software
Rushmila Rahman

Unfortunate as it may be, money is often a factor in how (and when) justice gets served. The saying “justice delayed is justice denied” starts to feel all too real when push comes to shove and you can’t afford to pay...

Nov 22, 2022
Shift Happens: What to do when a good worker has a bad attitude
Guy Saddy

You're the head of an online media company. Your creative director has been key to your success, but her “aggressive” management style has spawned consistently high attrition rates, and exit interviews indicate the possibility of abusive behaviour. When you raise this...

Nov 22, 2022
5 Questions: UBC Sauder's new dean Darren Dahl shares his hopes for the university
Nathan Caddell

The obvious big one is how to leverage what we learned coming out of the pandemic, and figuring out how we build back. A lot of people got used to being at home in their jam jams, and there’s value...

Nov 21, 2022
BTS Logistics Redefines Full-Service Logistics
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Breakthrough Studios The past five years have seen unprecedented growth in ecommerce, and one BC-based company is making sure Canadian businesses are keeping up. For more than two decades, the team at Breakthrough Studios (BTS) has been entrenched in the...

Nov 18, 2022
The Salvation Army Kettle Program Kicks off for the Holidays
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + The Salvation Army The Salvation Army accepts donations year-round, toward any program and in many ways—one-time gifts, monthly contributions, in honor of a loved one or through legacy giving are just a few ways to support the community-building organization throughout...

Nov 17, 2022
New Vancouver-based AI platform schedules social events so you don't have to
Alyssa Hirose

Getting together with friends is supposed to be fun—but when one friend works 12-hour shifts, one has three kids who play eight sports and one is ghosting you on the group thread, going out for a casual beer is basically...

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