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A memorable event with top-notch service awaits with Canucks Sports & Entertainment

How to make that business networking experience just perfect

Hosting clients is one thing. Building meaningful, lasting professional relationships? That requires know-how, superb networking skills, and just the right environment. Countless studies have shown that business partnerships are made or broken during face-to-face meetings. This means you can send all the emails you want and talk on the phone for ages, but if you can’t break bread in person the deal might not go through and the relationship may not last. Here are three tips to help you improve your client hosting events and ensure you get the most impact for your entertainment dollar.

1. Provide your clients with access to exclusive, unique experiences

Dinner and drinks are great, but unforgettable experiences leave a lasting impression. Start off your event with a “wow” factor by inviting your guests to an exclusive experience available nowhere else in the city. Be the host who connects your clients to experiences they will remember — and it will serve your business well in the future.

2. Bring them where you’re known, and where you feel like a VIP

Client hosting can be stressful. Fretting over the details of your evening can distract you from your main objective — spending quality time with your clients. Bring your guests someplace you’ll feel comfortable and can be sure you’ll receive exceptional service. Let your venue be the conductor of your dining experience, not the other way around. Plus, little things like having your server know your name and favourite drink will impress your guests and also put you at ease during your visit.


3. Bond over memorable moments

Gone are the days when reservations at a popular restaurant sufficed to impress. Today it’s all about improving the quality of time you spend with your most valued guests. Rise above the average by giving your clients something to talk about. An intimate event, private tasting or new experience can create a memorable moment and help build a lasting business relationship. 

The question is: how can you act on these tips? Rogers Arena client hosting experiences are difficult to top. To start, they offer an impressive lineup of entertainment that will have your clients buzzing as soon as they receive their invite. From Sid the Kid (Sidney Crosby), Ovi (Alexander Ovechkin) and Connor McDavid, to the upstart Vegas Golden Knights — you can watch the home team tangle with the best of the NHL. There’s also a new generation of Canucks talent evolving into stars, such as Bo Horvat, Troy Stecher or last year’s rookie standout Brock Boeser. 

Rogers Arena has also taken its food and beverage game to the next level under the leadership of Executive Chef Robert Bartley. The staff is known for their exceptional service and for making sure your entire night is seamless from beginning to end.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment packages are available to fit almost any entertainment budget, ranging from premium memberships in exclusive venues such as CLUB 500 and the newly launched Encore Suite, to Club Section seating and Single Game Suite Rentals. 

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