Credit: Sebastian Greaves (@Bashlocreative)

Before starting No Days Wasted, Kumar worked at Tesla and created a coathanger for electric vehicles

Nishal Kumar, 29

Founder + CEO, No Days Wasted

Life Story: Nishal Kumar was pushed into studying medicine in university by his love for the TV program House and its eponymous foul-mouthed genius of a doctor. But it wasn’t to be—after three years in chemistry and biology at UBC, the West Vancouverite decided to switch to a geophysics major with a minor in commerce. Shortly after school, Kumar spent time at a couple of companies, including working as one of Tesla’s first Canadian employees, and created his first venture, a coathanger for electric vehicles. He scaled that up to a six-figure business that “mostly runs itself these days,” he says.

Kumar used some of the proceeds from that venture to shift his focus back to the health realm with Vancouver-based supplement maker No Days Wasted and its hero product, DHM Detox, which is designed to help the user feel better after drinking. 

Bottom Line: With help from celebrity endorsements by the likes of hockey player-turned-podcaster Paul Bissonnette and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Abbotsford native Chase Claypool, No Days Wasted and its seven employees hit seven figures in sales in 2020. Kumar also appeared on Dragons’ Den late that year. Although one of the judges called him a “snake oil salesman,” he scored a deal with Dragon Michele Romanow. Perhaps Dr. House said it best: “If nobody hates you, you’re doing it wrong.”