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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 573

Mar 4, 2009
Video: The Faces of Gordon Campbell
kristen.hilderman Christopher Pollon

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. This month, BCBusiness publisher Peter Legge sits down with Premier Gordon Campbell to talk life and politics. Since we're approaching the election that could give Campbell his third mandate as premier, it's a choice moment to look back at...

Mar 2, 2009
Can We Stop Giving It Away
Tony Wanless

In the US, more than 6 large dailies are shuttering, in bankruptcy or close to it. Dozens of others are trying to figure out how to avoid their fate. Yes, times are uber bad in the content industry. We’ve talked before about how most publishing companies are, as one wag put it...

Mar 2, 2009
Video: Olympic Sentiment
Lisa Nguyen

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. As Frances Bula writes this month, the Olympics are coming to town – and, love them or hate them, you're not likely to change your mind about them. But is this really true? We know that, since the Vancouver's...

Mar 1, 2009
The Global Village
Peter Mitham

With housing markets across North America imploding, the question on the minds of B.C. realtors is, Where are the international buyers? In early January of this year, brokers and agents packed the international market sessions of Real Estate Connect, an...

Mar 1, 2009
Hubs of Activity
Peter Mitham

EcoDensity, one of the most ambitious and controversial initiatives introduced by former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, has brought the question of how many people can (and should) live and work in a square foot of space to the forefront of...

Mar 1, 2009
Gloating About Vancouver Real Estate
Steve Burgess

Poor, stupid Vancouver homeowners: you bought. A Steve Burgess taunt from across Vancouver's real estate chasm. Back when times were good, Rhonda Byrne made a killing with her uplifting book, The Secret. It’s all about the law of attraction. By wishing and believing, she wrote, you can make your dreams come true.

Mar 1, 2009
After the Circus
Peter Mitham

Despite headline-grabbing financing woes, the chances of the Vancouver Olympic Village not reaching completion are slim. Were construction of the southeast False Creek project to halt, it would be both a major embarrassment and a logistical nightmare for VANOC, the...

Mar 1, 2009
Olympic Debt Left Over
Lisa Nguyen

It's likely the sentiments are similar in London, where they're already reporting a cost of £9-billion, almost four times the initial figure of £2.35-billion for the 2012 Summer Olympics. They're now planning to slash spending by downgrading the £400-million...

Mar 1, 2009
Travelling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Susan Hollis

The highway into Puerto Vallarta plays out like a Mexican version of a Richard Scarry storybook – a flash-card flip deck of dazed street dogs, brass-buttoned police, square white buildings and children in school uniforms. Tourists pass a parade of...

Mar 1, 2009
Culture: UBC's MOA, Jocasta & Allen Vizzutti
Jeffrey Bichard

Museums MoA Reopening: UBC’s Museum of Anthropology reopens its doors this March after a six-month hiatus. Having increased in size by nearly 50 per cent and undergone extensive renovations, what better way to showcase a new bod than with a few tattoos? Peter Brunt, senior lecturer in art history at...

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