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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 573

Dec 1, 2006
How to be Politically Correct
Jessica Werb

Ah, winter. The most wonderful time of year, when eggnog and pastries fill the lunch room, popcorn garlands hang on office cubicles and HR departments start ventilating over who’s going to be offended next. Given B.C.’s steadfast allegiance to political...

Dec 1, 2006
Best Companies to Work for in B.C. 2006
BCBusiness D.B.

It’s no secret that B.C. is in the midst of a labour shortage, with skilled workers in demand across virtually every sector of the province. Now, more than ever, keeping staff happy is a crucial part of doing business. But...

Dec 1, 2006
Boomtown Sports Inc.: Cutting Edge
Ryan Stuart

After 11 years in the ski retail business, Dale Arsenault knew if he wanted to be on the cutting edge and sell any Boomtown Sports Inc. skis made at the company’s Kootenay plant, he had to be at demo days.

Dec 1, 2006
Carl Roy: Perceptronix Medical Inc.
Jessica Werb

Call it a mid-life crisis or a courageous leap of faith. In September, at 51, Carl Roy, president and CEO of Providence Health Care since May 2001, ended his 25-year career in the public health sector (before Providence he was president of Edmonton’s Caritas Health Group, as well as president and CEO of Sudbury General Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Sudbury) to take on the leadership of Perceptronix.

Dec 1, 2006
Destiny Media: A Penny for your Stocks?
David Jordan

Entering the downtown head office of Destiny Media Technologies, it’s immediately obvious that the company has seen better times. The expansive lobby screams opulence, with its slate-tile floor, its floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking West Hastings Street 10 floors below, and the massive boardroom table visible through an aqua-tinted glass wall.

Dec 1, 2006
Chris Zimmerman: Net Profits
Jen Zurowski

Chris Zimmerman sits across the boardroom table in the Orca Bay offices at General Motors Place on a Friday morning early in December. It’s the first face-to- face interview for the new president and CEO of Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment since arriving in Vancouver from New Hampshire, and his slightly stiff posture and carefully measured words give the impression that he’s already a little wary of the media here.

Dec 1, 2006
Gregor Robertson: Pursuit of Happiness
Andrew Findlay

Last summer, in a Vancouver Sun article, the co-founder of the successful and ethically minded Vancouver juicery, Happy Planet Foods, took aim at the more than $250 million in subsidies and royalty reductions that the provincial government has doled out...

Nov 1, 2006
Roundtable: Demystifying Sustainability
BCBusiness D.B.

But lately, sustainability has taken on a broader meaning, encompassing the survival of not just a company, but of the entire planet. And that’s where the confusion comes in. The average business owner can understand “green,” and might organize a...

Nov 1, 2006
Daved Benefield: Glory Days
Kevin Chong

What happens when a professional athlete hits retirement age? For some, life after sports can be as traumatic as getting cross-checked into the boards or upended at the 50-yard line. Meet some athletes who traded their fans for clients and lived to score another day.

Nov 1, 2006
Patrick Brethour
Cris Bolin

Getting its own editor is a big deal for our corner of Canada, which boasts about 13 per cent of the country’s population, compared to Ontario’s approximately 40 per cent. (Prior to Brethour’s arrival, the Globe’s B.C. newsroom was headed by bureau chief Rod Mickleburgh, who took his cue from...

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