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Recenlty inducted in to the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, Ian will share with you how he never let adversity get in the way of his dreams


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Jul 1, 2008
Goodbye Workdays
J Bucher

They began manufacturing firearms almost immediately and within 40 years had more and better guns than any other country. After a few decades, however, guns disappeared from Japan entirely. Why? The insularity and xenophobia of the day undoubtedly played a...

Jul 1, 2008
Marcy Goldberg Rocks the Vox
Jessica Werb

The name Marcy Goldberg might not ring a bell, but you’re closer to her than you think. Chances are, if you’ve watched TV or listened to the radio in the past 24 hours, you’ve met her – or at least heard her.

Jul 1, 2008
Mark Murray: Tekmira Pharmaceuticals
Peter Severinson

When two companies have been bitter rivals – competing in the markets and clashing in the courts – how do they forgive, forget and hold hands? Burnaby-based biotechs Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. (TKM-T) and Protiva Biotherapeutics Inc. have played out a fierce family drama in recent years. Protiva was spun out of...

Jul 1, 2008
Adult Literacy: Learning on The Line
Lucy Hyslop

There is a decade-old story – told by an adult literacy worker in a small industrial town in northern B.C. – of a supervisor demanding that the name of an employee being helped with his reading be revealed. Why? So he could fire him and put in his place someone with higher skills.

Jul 1, 2008
Cross Border Car Trade: Deal Breaker
Peter Severinson

Different players cite different reasons for the discrepancy: manufacturers say it’s because Canada’s smaller market isn’t as profitable as that of the U.S., while critics maintain manufacturers charge more in Canada simply because they can. Last summer, thanks largely to...

Jul 1, 2008
Simon Fraser: Tales of a Fur Trader
Stephen Hume

He had arrived at the mouth of the river that now bears his name some 36 days after leaving Fort George (modern-day Prince George) and almost three years after establishing B.C.’s first European settlement at McLeod Lake. The mission from...

Jul 1, 2008
Olympic Development: The Ring Cycles
Brennan Clarke

You don’t have to look far in the Lower Mainland these days for evidence that the 2010 Olympics are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into B.C.’s economy. Take, for instance, the $315-million athletes village currently under construction along Southeast False Creek.

Jul 1, 2008
Toby Chu: Education Exporter
By David Jordan

Toby Chu doesn't waste any time. The efficient and affable president and CEO of CIBT Education Group Inc. (MBA-X) strides into the company's boardroom at the appointed hour, equipped with an armload of brochures, press clippings and analysts' reports. My opening question about his business in China triggers a well-rehearsed five-minute synopsis of CIBT's history, business strategy and growth prospects.

Jul 1, 2008
Insolvency Laws: Here Come The Vultures
Cynthia Cushing

Imagine there’s a company you’ve done a ton of work for – one that has yet to pay – and now the rumour is it’s going bankrupt. What do you need, urgently? The answer: certainty. You need to know, now, what assets this shaky company has and what they’re worth, who the other creditors are and what they are owed, as well as how your claim ranks in the creditors’ lineup. Only then can you deal with the people to whom...

Jul 1, 2008
Café Wifi: Down to The Wire
Steve Burgess

David Rootman was concerned. The proprietor of Kits Coffee Co. Ltd. was tidying up his West Fourth Avenue and Yew Street café one night when he noticed a car in the parking lot; a man sat alone in the vehicle. It was long after closing and Rootman feared the man...

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