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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 626

Feb 4, 2009
Be An Entrepreneur? Naturally
Tony Wanless

Just in time for the recession is a book from former Victoria consultant Dave Pollard on how to start your own business, naturally, in order to achieve happiness, peace, and, perhaps, success. In Finding the Sweet Spot: The Natural Entrepreneur’s Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work, published by Chelsea Green...

Feb 1, 2009
Luxury Toys for the Ultrarich
D Yip

Let’s pretend for a moment that the burning question on your mind isn't how to protect your savings in a free-falling economy. Oh, no, your problem is a surfeit of money and the too-few places you can spend it. Annoying...

Feb 1, 2009
Money, Luxury, and the High Life in Vancouver, B.C.
Jessica Werb

Let’s face it: things are rough. If the economy were a celebrity, it would be Britney Spears in her head-shaving, rehab-going, strapped-to-a-gurney days. Hit with sagging investment portfolios and declining house values, British Columbians have seen an across-the-board hit to...

Feb 1, 2009
Spam: Message in a Can
Steve Burgess

One morning last fall, I was checking my email. Not just any morning – it was the morning after the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. There, in my inbox, a timely message: “Support Obama, buying from us.” Exactly how my forthcoming purchase would benefit the new...

Feb 1, 2009
Travelling to Kyoto, Japan
Matt O'Grady

Poor Kyoto. Founded in 794 as Heian-kyo – “capital of peace and tranquility” – the city is arguably one of the world’s more impressive tourist destinations, with a rich cultural heritage, a refined cuisine and a gracious populace. But for...

Feb 1, 2009
Culture: Steve Reich, Planet Salt Spring & Bush of Ghosts
J Bucher

Music Steve Reich’s Drumming: It’s much easier to be annoyed by experimental minimalism than most other kinds of music; humans are pattern-seeking animals, and we like few things more than a reliable melody. Experimental minimalism comprises musical sounds, but the genre – of which composer Steve Reich is considered one...

Feb 1, 2009
Undercover Lover
Steven Schelling

We've just pulled clear of February, that dark heart of wintry gloom, when leaden, soggy West Coast skies are at their most lifeless. But how do you spark romance in a torrential downpour, when tearful resignation is more appropriate? And where, pray tell, is the sexy in a hibernal uniform...

Feb 1, 2009
Taste of Romance
Jim Hoggan/Alison McLaughlin

Jim Hoggan's Wine Pick If Shakespeare truly believed that “music be the food of love,” he mustn’t have known good chocolate. Chocolate is the number one confection in this season of love – and the best gift. Cheaper than diamonds and more sensual than roses, it also goes better with wine.

Feb 1, 2009
Life in a Northern Town
Andrew Findlay

Once in a while, someone literally crashes into a business opportunity. That’s what happened to Tom Teichroeb when he glanced a rock cut with his blade while grading road on the outskirts of Vanderhoof. In the process, an exquisite rock...

Feb 1, 2009
Giant Among Men
David Jordan

The Toigo family’s business empire spans restaurants, meat processing plants and a string of commercial real estate properties. But it seems only fitting that Ron Toigo chooses to meet me at his box in the Pacific Coliseum, home of the Vancouver Giants, the junior hockey league franchise owned by his...

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