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Jun 1, 2008
Faking It: How to Live Like a King
Jessica Werb and Peter Severinson

It’s getting more and more difficult to live it up in this city. The cost of living has our disposable income shrinking almost as fast as the size of the average downtown condo; Vancouver is now Canada’s second-most expensive city...

Jun 1, 2008
Ruth Jones: The Dream Weaver
Anicka Quin

I’m here to see her studio and to touch her tapestries – more on that later­ – and she has just greeted me at the door with a warm smile. And a bird. In another setting, I might write off a bird lady as, well, weird. But given the ­medium...

Jun 1, 2008
Vancouver Investment: Silence is Golden
Tom Bradley

It was 17 years ago that I moved my business address from Bay Street to Burrard Street. In 1991 I left Richardson Greenshields in Toronto to join Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Ltd. in Vancouver. I am still asked by my eastern friends and clients what it is like working on the Wet Coast. Is it a good place for an asset manager to be?

Jun 1, 2008
Changing the Innovation Game
Tony Wanless

One B.C.-based retailer scored a major innovation coup, and changed the retail game forever, when it figured out how to bring the in-store expertise sales model to a much wider community – anytime and all the time. Problem Electronics retailing giant Best Buy (BBY-N), which took over the B.C.-based Future Shop chain...

May 22, 2008
Vancouver Canucks Get Statistical
Tony Wanless

A big bomb dropped on the sports pages recently when it was revealed that the Vancouver Canucks hockey team was talking to a consulting company about providing statistical analysis to the team. Jokes aside, old die hard hockey fans rolled in their graves, or on their couches if their sticks are still on the ice, at the news.

May 1, 2008
Video: Bringing Baseball
By John Bucher

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button. The home team's locker room has a heavy blue door, and behind it an antique ceiling-mounted gas furnace blows heat. Inside, the Canadians' new general manager is milling about, waiting to have his photograph taken. Andrew Seymour is slightly built, with red hair...

May 1, 2008
Retrofitting: Clothes Fit for The King
by BCBusiness Online

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button. Eleanor von Boetticher is star costumer to the star impersonators. Brennan Clarke writes about Eleanor in "The King's Seamstress," in the May 2008 issue of BCBusiness. For more information about Elvis costumes and the men who wear them, get in touch with Eleanor...

May 1, 2008
Michael McPhie
Jessica Werb

This is a casual look. Do you dress for work like this? This is more an after-hours or Friday look, as opposed to what I would wear day to day at the office. But I’m also transitioning a bit; when I was the president of the B.C. Mining Association, I had...

May 1, 2008
Wade Shaw: Rescued
Jessica Werb

I’ve always loved outdoor activities like back­country skiing, climbing and hiking. Being part of North Shore Rescue gets me doing that on a regular basis. The biggest requirement for being on the team is the time commitment. We average 500...

May 1, 2008
Canada's Broadband: From First to Worst
David Crane

At the start of this decade, Canada was a leader in the Internet Age. Maintaining this momentum, in 2001 the National Broadband Task Force issued a challenging report, setting as a national goal the linking of all communities across Canada by 2004 through high-speed broadband of 1.5 million bits of...

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