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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 669

May 1, 2008
Retrofitting: Clothes Fit for The King
by BCBusiness Online

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button. Eleanor von Boetticher is star costumer to the star impersonators. Brennan Clarke writes about Eleanor in "The King's Seamstress," in the May 2008 issue of BCBusiness. For more information about Elvis costumes and the men who wear them, get in touch with Eleanor...

May 1, 2008
Michael McPhie
Jessica Werb

This is a casual look. Do you dress for work like this? This is more an after-hours or Friday look, as opposed to what I would wear day to day at the office. But I’m also transitioning a bit; when I was the president of the B.C. Mining Association, I had...

May 1, 2008
Wade Shaw: Rescued
Jessica Werb

I’ve always loved outdoor activities like back­country skiing, climbing and hiking. Being part of North Shore Rescue gets me doing that on a regular basis. The biggest requirement for being on the team is the time commitment. We average 500...

May 1, 2008
Canada's Broadband: From First to Worst
David Crane

At the start of this decade, Canada was a leader in the Internet Age. Maintaining this momentum, in 2001 the National Broadband Task Force issued a challenging report, setting as a national goal the linking of all communities across Canada by 2004 through high-speed broadband of 1.5 million bits of...

May 1, 2008
Andrew Seymour: Repatriated Canadian
Peter Severinson

Toronto native Andrew Seymour arguably landed a pretty sweet job when he took the GM duties off the plate of Canadians president Andy Dunn in January: the Canadians have growing ticket sales, a spruced-up stadium and energetic local owners willing to spend some cash. But leaving the U.S. was no small...

May 1, 2008
How to Retire Properly
Jessica Werb

Career planner Al Jones of LifeShift, retirement coach Isabelle St. Jean of Inspired Momentum and Christopher Fortune of Retirement Advantage Coaching share some ideas. Expand your network Think about your social life: how much of it is related to hanging out with colleagues? “A lot of the people you hang out with...

May 1, 2008
B.C.'s Labour Market: Talent Grab
Tony Wanless

And if the economy started picking up, there was going to be trouble. However, in 2000 and 2001, the widely held belief was that there would always be more people than jobs, so pas de problème. Problem The Cassandras were right, and their predictions have come true. Today, for the first time...

May 1, 2008
B.C.'s Bad Carbon Tactics
Aldyen Donnelly

B.C.’s carbon tax is simply the latest of many pollution-discharge fees the province has charged industry for more than 20 years. The fee system was originally touted as a way to reward industrial plant owners who voluntarily cut any taxed...

May 1, 2008
Up the Capital Ladder
By Tony Wanless

The B.C. government has finally announced the launch of its BC Renaissance Capital Fund. The concept is that the government will seed—with $90 million over five years—a large slush fund to assist B.C. technology, clean-tech, life sciences and new media companies at critical points of their lives.

May 1, 2008
First Nations and Business: A New Deal
Lana Okerlund

Irving knew that BCTC, a Crown corporation, had a legal duty to consult First Nations groups about the potential impacts of its 10-year, $5.1-billion capital expansion plan; several recent landmark court cases about aboriginal rights and title had made this...

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