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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 692

Sep 3, 2008
QLT Inc: A Place Called Hope
Dee Hon

Robert Butchofsky smiles a lot for a man trying to sell the hope that his company has fallen as low as it can go. “We’re not dead,” says the president and CEO of QLT Inc. (QLT-T) as he guides this reporter out of his sleek office on Vancouver’s Great Northern Way.

Sep 3, 2008
The fight over Haida Gwaii's bear hunt
by Erin Millar

The man who introduces himself as Casey Bear is pacing quickly, flustered, having just experienced what he calls one of the most violent altercations of his life. He laughs hysterically and nervously pulls a bear mask on and off his face as he describes how a man snuck up behind...

Sep 3, 2008
The Model: Noot Seear
Susan Hollis

Fashion is a world of symbiotic relationships. The designer provides clothes that are the lifeblood of the retailer. The stylist picks the items that become the “must-have buys.” And then the consumer rushes to the store, purchases the shirt or shoes or pants – and everybody’s bills get paid.  

Sep 3, 2008
The Trendsetter: Amy Lu
Susan Hollis

While many people help set fashion’s trends, only a select few get to play God – and Vancouver’s Amy Lu is one of them. As a stylist with clients that include Cover Girl, Molson and Levi’s, and with work published in Vanity Fair and Interview magazine, Lu holds the coveted position of deciding what looks, labels and designers gain entry into the public arena.

Sep 3, 2008
The Entrepreneur: Scott Walhovd
Susan Hollis

A budding retail magnate has to start somewhere. For Kitsilano-born, Whistler-raised Scott Walhovd, Gastown was just the place to plant his flagship store, 212, which opened its doors in the fall of 2007. The former model, 22, owns the exposed-brick-and-pipe boutique 80-20 with partner and Parsons design school grad Anthony Castro, whom he met through a Dolce & Gabbana assignment in 2003.

Sep 3, 2008
The Designer: Dace Moore
Susan Hollis

Whether you like it or not, you are what you wear. And each time you step out of the house, you make a statement – telling the world something of how you see yourself (or don’t). If you happen to be wearing one of Dace Moore’s creations, you might well be saying: “I will not pander to the style whims of Paris Hilton.”

Sep 3, 2008
Renewal Partners' Prophet Motives
Tyee Bridge

The headquarters of Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD), off an alley near Hastings and Commercial in Vancouver, is a 13,000-square-foot warehouse that smells faintly of celery and green onions. Milk crates, a compost barrel full of carrot tops and several newly arrived pallets of natural orange-mango soda crowd the receiving...

Sep 3, 2008
Depression in the Workplace
by Vicki O’Brien

Brenda fell into the deep, dark rabbit hole of depression at age 32, shortly after a stressed-out co-worker committed suicide. Like everyone in the headquarters of their Vancouver-based resource company, Brenda had been racking up extensive unpaid overtime for months...

Sep 3, 2008
All Things Being Unequal
BCBusiness Online

Some shocking numbers came out of Statistics Canada last May: the median wage of full-time workers in Canada has barely budged in 25 years. And B.C.’s performance was the worst of all the provinces: it dropped 11.3 per cent between 1980 and 2005 and, more surprisingly, dropped 3.4 per cent between 2000 and 2005. And 2007 figures show that B.C. has proportionately more people classified as low-income than any other province – a distinction we’ve held for eight years running.

Sep 3, 2008
Environmental Liability: The Cost of Green
Paul Cassidy

Last February the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) touched off a national debate on the value of environmental liability reporting by public companies in Canada. The commission’s Staff Notice 51-716 recited a litany of complaints by commission staff about the poor state of environmental liability analysis by public companies. It called...

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