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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 693

Jan 25, 2008
Is Hollywood North Going South?
Tony Wanless

Recently all the talk in the industry, which directly and indirectly employs some 30,000 British Columbians, has been about the U.S. writers' strike and how it's impacting B.C. television production. But that's just a short term event masking more serious problems that could sink an industry that's become as much a part of the popular B.C. identity as our infamous BC Bud.

Jan 18, 2008
B.C. Hydro: Power to The People (Who Need It)
Tony Wanless

Umedaly is a veteran of the alternative energy industry, including a stint at Ballard Power and shepherding power conversion company Xantrex Technology for almost a decade. Now he's in charge of the province's biggest power producer. With his business and green background, Umedaly is the obvious choice to lead the BC...

Jan 4, 2008
2008 B.C. Business Forcasts
Tony Wanless

-- Yeah, well Web 2.0 this! B.C. businesses will finally see through all the chatter, hype, and gibberish of the Web 2.0 evangelists and realize that it isn't a revolutionary business model, but is mostly just a collection of useful...

Jan 2, 2008
Stock Talk
Peter Severinson

“There’s one big fundamental problem with user-generated content, and that’s quality,” he says. “The problem is... that there’s a lot of stupid information; you have to do a lot of work.” and stock deliver reams of quotes, news bites and comments to 800,000 visitors a month, New says. Much...

Jan 1, 2008
Round Table: Small Business, Big Concerns
BCBusiness Helesic

To be sure, there have been signs of improvement. The provincial government has reduced its share of corporate and personal income taxes, and it claims success in its goal of reducing red tape. But that’s little relief to typical small-business...

Jan 1, 2008
Travelling to Riga, Latvia
Peter Mitham

It’s close to midnight when I emerge from the KLM flight that’s brought me from Amsterdam, fighting the horde of Ryanair arrivals that crowd passport control at Riga International Airport in Latvia. A seasoned official who looks like he should be running the joint scans my passport, asks me questions till I start stumbling over the answers, then waves me through. I’m clearly too honest to be a problem.

Jan 1, 2008
Small Business Resources in B.C.
BCBusiness D.B.

Small Business BCSmall Business BC, a public and private sector collaboration, is the comprehensive Business Development Resource for people exploring opportunities, launching new ventures and growing existing businesses. Small Business BC services include:- 24 hour automated services, seven days a...

Jan 1, 2008
Surviving the Boom
Scot Speiser

Thanks to a hot resource-based economy, many small and medium-sized businesses in B.C. are seeing record growth in revenue and income. With all of these current opportunities for businesses, the focus has changed for many business owners: instead of working on getting more business, they struggle to manage the increasing volume.

Jan 1, 2008
Succession Planning: Delay at Your Peril
By Laura Morrison

With the majority of B.C. employers qualifying as small businesses, it’s no wonder experts such as succession-planning lawyer Don Sihota and the executive director of UBC’s Business Families Centre, Judi Cunningham, are warning small businesses about the danger of delaying succession planning.

Jan 1, 2008
2008 Small Business Guide
L Peacock

Inquiring Minds Podcast -- Special Small Business editionInquiring Minds asks of these three small business owners: How do you compete with bigger companies? Nicole Allen, senior consultant, Allen Consulting Elana Rosenfeld, CEO, Kicking Horse Coffee Shawn Jones, president, West Coast Steel Succession Planning -- Delay Planning at Your Peril by Laura Morrison Big Ideas -...

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