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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 696

Aug 1, 2008
How Revelstoke Was Built
by BCBusiness Online

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button. Now, as the town and resort navigate a course from sleepy railroad hamlet to international all-season destination, it's a good time to look both back and forward—from what Revelstoke was to what it is becoming. Navigate: Back to the article Navigate: Table of contents...

Aug 1, 2008
Stumped: B.C. Reforestation
Ben Parfitt

On an overcast morning in early May, a chill bites the air with just the slightest of ocean breezes. It’s as if winter never left. Days earlier, snow, hail and wind arrived to knock the pink blossoms off of boulevard cherry trees and make a mockery of southern Vancouver Island’s so-called “Mediterranean” climate.

Aug 1, 2008
David Podmore: builder's dilemma
Peter Severinson

Chat with him about his career, and he explains one move after another with a simple phrase: “I’m a builder.”He’s president and CEO of Concert Properties Ltd., a development company he built with Jack Poole, who serves as chair of...

Aug 1, 2008
Bill of Health: Alternative Remedies
By Jessica Werb

The first time I met Dr. Yan Bin Ma was just over two years ago. For many months previous, I had been dealing with a baffling condition (the details of which I’ll keep to myself  ) that necessitated scans, invasive probing and various unpleasant encounters with myriad health-care practitioners, none of whom came up with an explanation.

Aug 1, 2008
Black Diamonds of Revelstoke
Andrew Findlay

Simpson first visited the town back in the mid-’80s, one of many pilgrimages north for this Denver-based millionaire developer with an appetite for powder snow. Immediately, the 62-year-old American was struck by a place that seemed to have it all:...

Aug 1, 2008
Video: How the Pine Beetle Ravaged B.C.
By John Bucher

There's been a lot of talk about the mountain pine beetle's laying waste to British Columbia's forests, but few people actually know how the critter goes about its destructive task. The story, like so many, begins with innocent licking. But...

Aug 1, 2008
William Vince: The Films

The Internet Movie Database page for William Vince is similar to those of a lot of excellent, working film producers who yet didn't ascend to the rarefied ranks of cinema: a few of his films you recognize, most you don't;...

Aug 1, 2008
How to Plan a Career Switch
Shira Bick

If you want to change jobs, always single out your transferable skills. After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder, it hits you: you’re bored and burnt out and your real calling is marine biology. Making a mid-life career change can be daunting if you don’t plan ahead. Career counsellor Marlene Haley of Find Work You Love Inc.; Malcolm McGowan, managing partner at Holloway Schulz & Partners; and Dave Malicki, program developer for Langara College Continuing Studies, show you how. Seek clarity...

Aug 1, 2008
Guerrilla Marketing
Tony Wanless

But it can be even tougher when you’re a young company without much of a budget. In a world overloaded with products and noisy marketing, how do you get your particular product or service noticed? Lots of marketers are turning to the Internet, which seems to offer cheap access to a...

Jul 8, 2008
BCBusiness Top One Hundred 2008
Peter Mitham

This year's BCBusiness Top 100 numbers back up economists' claims that B.C. is well positioned to weather any economic downturn associated with the U.S. housing crisis. Aggregate revenues for the BCBusiness Top 100 companies were $122.2 billion, an increase of 8.9 per cent over last year's tally. The surge outpaces...

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