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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 698

Oct 10, 2007
Technology and Media Winner 2007
Katya Holloway

His clients include the Queen of England, Academy Award winners, hall of fame hockey players and the U.S. military. His company's security cameras can withstand baseball bats, bullets and even gas explosions. You'll find them embedded inside metal traffic posts...

Oct 10, 2007
Entrepreneur of the Year 2007
Kevin Hinton

The entrepreneur has always been a subject of fascination, and the success of TV shows such as Dragon's Den and The Apprentice has only further cemented the appeal of self-made business people. Entrepreneurship has never been sexier. But while sparring...

Oct 9, 2007
Best in Show - Slideshow
BCBusiness D.B.

It takes three years for the Zantedeschia aethipica plants in the Surrey Van der Dussen Garden Centre to reach maturity. Three years before Abram and his wife, Thekli, can begin harvesting their unique giant calla lilies - funnel-shaped flowers prized for their sleek, minimal elegance - and start turning a...

Oct 9, 2007
Golden Boy
by Katya Holloway

Lukas Lundin greets me with a boyish grin as I step into his glass office 21 floors above downtown Vancouver. A flicker of his youthful, almost mischievous personality pierces through an intense facade as he sits back in his chair...

Oct 7, 2007
Grub Slingers - Slideshow
BCBusiness D.B.

DEVON BRADLEYAge: 18Job title: part-time dishwasher at White Spot in Vancouver (Cardero Street); part-time line cook at the Westminster Club in New WestminsterSalary range: $8$12/hr.Duties: preparing foods at various stations including deep-fry, saut, ent OWEN KNOWLTON Age: 33Job title: wine director at West Restaurant in VancouverSalary range: $50,000$60,000 a yearDuties: tasting...

Oct 7, 2007
B.C.'s Labour Shortage: Grub Slingers
Valerie McTavish

These newbies to the workforce used to fuel the food-services industry as grub slingers. Today there are plenty of opportunities for work that doesn’t involve hot oil vats with fry buzzers sounding, causing a labour shortage in B.C. of food service workers.

Oct 7, 2007
Private Parking: Strathcona Provincial Park
Ryan Stuart

John Caton is a rainforest cowboy. Instead of the usual West Coast uniform of Gore-tex, fleece and Merrells, Cowboy Caton, as his friends call him, wears a white Stetson, white dress shirt, Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. The GM of...

Oct 1, 2007
Wade Davis
David Jordan

Although he’s been known to chow down on termites, Wade Davis contents himself with a plain bagel and a cup of coffee when we meet at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel early one morning this past July. Click here to listen an audio clip of Wade Davis' interview.

Oct 1, 2007
Facebook and Business
Ian MacNeill

Keeping up with the Facebook may not be at the top of your to-do list, but your business could well depend on it. Companies across the globe are suddenly finding themselves with a presence on Facebook, where customers – not employees – are crafting their public image.  

Oct 1, 2007
Brace for a Hydro Shock
by John Calvert

While the B.C. government is extensively promoting the benefits of its “green” private power agenda, BC Hydro customers – including businesses across the province – should get ready for a major sticker shock in the coming years. The era of cheap, publicly owned hydro is rapidly coming to an end.

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