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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 705

Jul 1, 2007
Terry Wright
David Jordan

For the average parent, getting one kid to hockey and the other to soccer on a Saturday is a logistical challenge. Terry Wright could handle that in his sleep. He’s the man charged with figuring out how to get 30,000 people from the airport to Whistler and how they’re going...

Jul 1, 2007
How to Create Change from the Ground Up
Jessica Werb

Once upon a time, there was a workplace where everyone who sent a fax had to fill out a form detailing the time of transmission, the number dialed and the number of pages sent. Finally, someone pointed out that the fax machine automatically kept a log with all that information on it. Chances are, there’s something you wish you could change in your workplace too. Here’s how to make yourself heard.

Jul 1, 2007
What is Enough to Start a Business?
Tony Wanless

One way to form a business is to solve a perceived problem in the marketplace; business planners identify a need and move to fill it. The thinking is: I’ll solve this problem and therefore I’ll have a business. But where...

Jul 1, 2007
Color Marketing Group: Hue Done It
Jessica Werb

A member of the Color Marketing Group (CMG), Scarlett Ballantyne is part of a global network of designers who predict upcoming colour trends, create new shades and influence everything from the tint of your bedroom walls to the gleam of the car in your driveway.

Jul 1, 2007
Kathleen Bartels
Jessica Werb

I hope that’s not your dog. It’s great, isn’t it? It’s a 2003 sculpture by Huang Yong Ping called Amerigo Vespucci. It’s actually named after an Italian who documented the discovery of America. The outline of the urine is a sketch of the U.S. Is this your regular look? I...

Jul 1, 2007
GVRD Agriculture Land Reserve: Space Invaders
Philip Hochstein

Limited land supply is a common contributing factor to both problems. Yet the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s (GVRD) 1996 Livable Region Strategic Plan designates about 70 per cent of the region as a Green Zone, to be protected from urban growth. And a large chunk of that is accounted for...

Jun 28, 2007
Environmentalism: From Dispute to Dialogue
Tony Wanless

Ever since Greenpeace was formed more than three decades ago to protect the environment, B.C. has been a constant battleground between governments, industry and hundreds of environmental groups. The latter range from multinational outfits aiming to protect the forests, rivers or oceans, to local, single-issue neighbourhood groups.

Jun 27, 2007
BCBusiness wins BC Magazine of the Year
BCBusiness D.B.

BCBusiness magazine won the coveted Magazine of the Year award for B.C./Yukon. The award was presented by the Western Magazine Awards Foundation (WMAF) and announced at the 25th annual Western Magazine Awards held at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside in Vancouver on Friday, June 22nd, 2007.

Jun 26, 2007
Government Wake Up Call
Bill Good

Recently, I’ve been struck by how often our leaders and bureaucrats are turning a blind eye to problems that they have the power to solve. Take, for instance, their ­attitude toward parents of autistic children, whose plight I have written about several times.

Jun 1, 2007
BC Business Financing: Show Me the Money
Tony Wanless

It initially launched in 1996 to explore fuel-cell technology but changed direction and, in 2004, landed a potentially lucrative contract with ExxonMobile Research and Engineering Co. to develop large purification and recovery systems for oil-refining and petrochemical markets. Exxon provided...

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