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Nov 28, 2008
Interview: Next Level's Edoardo de Martin
Joel Bentley

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. The Studio GM of Next Level Games is Edoardo de Martin, and this year his company took home the blue ribbon as the 2008 Best Company to Work for in B.C. (Over 100 Employees). Here, speaking to BCBusiness digital editor John Bucher, de Martin expounds on the need for a company to constantly reinvent itself, balance work and life for its employees, and exercise basic common sense.

Nov 27, 2008
Best Companies 2008 Slideshow
by BCBusiness Online

A slideshow of winners from the 2008 Best Companies to Work for in B.C. gala, presented by BCBusiness magazine at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Thanks to Dave Roels Photography.

Nov 27, 2008
Sights and Sounds from Best Companies 2008
Joel Bentley

In its seventh year, the BCBusiness Best Companies to Work for in B.C. gala saw the surprise victory of a newcomer and, perhaps, the birth of a dynasty. Video: Interview with Studio GM of Next Level Games, Edoardo de Martin

Nov 20, 2008
What does the Internet look like?
BCBusiness Online

A long time ago, Tim Bernes-Lee developed a way computers could communicate with each other. It became the Internet. For many of us the way cyber-communications work is still a mystery. In an effort to understand the nature or the Internet, many people have tried to map-out or represent graphically the "network of networks."

Nov 19, 2008
Crude Oil and the Prospects for Natural Gas
BCBusiness D.B.

The past year has been a roller- coaster ride for those who consume and produce energy – in other words, all of us. The price of a barrel of crude oil – affecting everything from the cost of gasoline to...

Nov 19, 2008
A&B Sounds the Death Knell
Tony Wanless

It looks like the final nail has been hammered into the A&B Sound coffin. As a consumer I'll miss it, but as a business analyst I'm thinking: Let's hope it stays there. This retail zombie was a classic story of innovation squandered, really bad M&A, and modern management gone mad.

Nov 18, 2008
Oxymoronic: Bureaucrats and Sharing
Tony Wanless

The latest business to employ open source and social networking thinking has run afoul of some authorities because it's breaking THE RULES. PickupPal.com organizes carpools for people via the Internet. It claims to be the world's largest carpooling community and has more than 6,000 members in BC. But PickupPal has...

Nov 12, 2008
Successful M&A to Turn Sour?
Tony Wanless

When SAP AG swallowed Vancouver's Business Objects last year in a wave of consolidations in the business intelligence space, there was some question of whether the move was a good or bad one for the Vancouver based-business intelligence giant. More...

Nov 12, 2008
Obama's New Democracy
Tony Wanless

Can't let an opportunity like the astonishing victory of Barack Obama in the US presidential election pass without plucking a lesson or two from it. The main one is that – to echo the opening line of Obama's brilliant acceptance speech – if there is anyone who still doubts that...

Nov 5, 2008
Hammer Time
Susan Hollis

In the deep shadows of the western corner of Pilkington’s Metal Marine workshop on East Cordova Street sleeps a relic of days gone by. The cast iron behemoth, fondly referred to as the Hammer by the soot-stained welders working around it, is a throwback in today’s modern steel fabrication industry.

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