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May 1, 2007
David Hahn: Play It as It Lays
Gary Manson

It’s a chilly but dry spring day and we have just teed off on the seventh hole at the Victoria Golf Club, home course of British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.’s head honcho. The seventh is the club’s signature hole, a...

May 1, 2007
Youth Golfing: Green Teens
Ian MacNeill

According to a Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) study released last year, there are six million swinging Canadians, a national participation rate of better than one in five. What’s more, Canadians are spending almost $13 billion a year on the...

May 1, 2007
Virtual Economy: Get A Second Life
Kevin Chong

In a world that exists only on computer screens, virtual consumers (controlled by real people seated at computer desks) teleport to malls and window-shop along virtual high streets for goods ranging from ball gowns to hovercraft. With a simple wiggle and click of a mouse, visitors enter these shops, browse around and, often, purchase the wares on display.

May 1, 2007
Small Business Challenges: Move Fast or Get Mowed
Tony Wanless

These days we mostly hear about how to scale up so as to create growth or join it or ride it. But for a small business whose market isn’t really growing that much, diversifying and polishing your identity as a service provider with an intimate knowledge of the local market...

May 1, 2007
B.C.'s Economy: Left Behind
Andrea Mandel-Campbell

What I never expected to find was that one of Canada’s wealthiest provinces, literally dripping in natural abundance, home to one of its leading cities and blessed with a natural bridge to the rest of the world, would be the...

May 1, 2007
Richard Jaffray: Chairman of the Board
Jessica Werb

I’m definitely a work-to-live person, and surfing is a big motivator for me. I have to ensure that my business is successful so I can do more of it. And the food and wine lifestyle in the restaurant business can consume you, but I stay motivated in the gym so that I can keep up my surfing.

May 1, 2007
Mark Wolverton: Bath Bombs and Beer
David Jordan

The fragrance of bath bombs hits you the moment you step onto the pavement outside Lush North America’s Southeast Marine Drive distribution centre. Upstairs in the wood-floored, open-design offices, 43-year-old Mark Wolverton looks remarkably well rested, given his recent schedule, which included a night stranded in the Toronto airport.

Apr 1, 2007
The 2007 Guide to MBAs in B.C.
BCBusiness D.B.

The trick is nailing down the right one. Which is why BCBusiness has compiled the first-ever overview of MBA schools available in the province. And rather than simply reel off a list of courses on offer, we’ve given you insights...

Apr 1, 2007
Stephen O'Keefe, Stand-up Guy
Jessica Werb

Everybody knows me as a crazy guy who’ll do anything: Ironman marathons, bungee jumping or even taking part in a rodeo. Stand-up comedy – especially for a deaf guy – is right up there with jumping off a bridge or wrestling a wild steer.

Apr 1, 2007
Greg McDougall: Float King
Kerry Banks

Greg McDougall is running late, delayed by a traffic jam in downtown Vancouver. The 50-year-old president of Harbour Air Ltd. isn’t happy about it. “I don’t like the city much,” he grumbles, wheeling his black Toyota truck toward his Richmond headquarters on Sea Island near the Vancouver International Airport’s south terminal. Crowds, gridlock and the urban rattle and hum are all things that McDougall could live without.

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