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Jul 29, 2007
Aerial Filming: He shoots He Soars
Ken Hegan

Every great film has a helicopter shot. You can look it up. Picture the panoramic opening of The Sound of Music when the camera swoops over the Alps to find Julie Andrews singing her nun heart out. Or James Bond skiing off a cliff in The Spy Who Loved Me. Or that episode in North by Northwest where a low-flying crop-duster terrorizes the normally unflappable Cary Grant. These scenes were all shot from a helicopter, the one indispensable tool of...

Jul 29, 2007
Starting Your Dream Business Abroad
Valerie McTavish

We all have dreams of life in a tropical Shangri-La, but most of us never act on them. Meet some British Columbians who took the plunge and set up shop closer to the equator – only to be met with a dose of reality

Jul 29, 2007
Slideshow: Behind the Canada line
BCBusiness D.B.

Text by Jessica Werb Photo essay by Dina Goldstein Where traffic once flowed unhindered downtown and along Cambie Street, drivers are now confronted by an ever-changing spectacle of menacing machines, gaping pits and orange-clad workers. Commuters are the rats caught in this maze. They awake every morning determined to get...

Jul 29, 2007
Luxury Golf Development: Fore Star Resorts
By Robert Thompson

Jack Nicklaus may be a legendary sports figure, but on a crisp, clear day in Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the man some consider the greatest golfer in the history of the game is not trying to find the fairway or put one in the back of the cup.

Jul 22, 2007
Vancouver Gaming Industry: Digital Warfare
Shawn Conner

It’s an impressive group – including Rory Armes, senior VP and GM of Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. and Kelly Zmak, president of Radical Entertainment Inc. The hot topic they’re here to discuss is “The Future of Gaming, Cinematics and Storytelling in Games.” Most of these senior execs are upbeat, and why...

Jul 20, 2007
B-Plan Sensationalism: All Hat, No Horse
Tony Wanless

All companies, whether it’s Bob’s Basement Startup or Humongous Corp., prepare business plans to map out how to make a business vision real. A B-Plan is really a photograph of the future, but too often it’s thrown badly out of...

Jul 16, 2007
Rapid Changes vs Murky Mental Models
Tony Wanless

One is a very rude Dutch word that translates as someone who has sex with ants. It describes a person with very limited vision. The other is the more elevated Law of Requisite Variety, taken from the study of Cybernetics.

Jul 15, 2007
B.C. Groundfish Industry: Stocks to Watch
Ben Parfitt

There is little more depressing than the bleak accounts of our oceans. The deep blue cover of the April 2007 National Geographic says it all. Under the headline “Saving the Sea’s Bounty,” a dead, upended swordfish lies tangled in a...

Jul 9, 2007
CEO's to Watch
BCBusiness D.B.

stories by Peter Mitham photography by Phillip Chin THE HEAVYWEIGHT Douglas Whitehead, president and CEO, Finning International Inc. Finning International Inc. boss Doug Whitehead has spent a lifetime in the forest industry. He entered the sector in 1971, joining what would become Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. He took the helm...

Jul 4, 2007
Iraj Pourian: President and CEO, Sierra Systems
David Jordan

When a company goes public, it’s big news. It’s high-fives all around for investors who realize their much-anticipated “exit strategy.” The media keep a tally of IPOs as a measure of the economy’s health. For the company involved, the sudden infusion of cash means a jump-start to its growth plans.

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