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Oct 3, 2006
Healthy Margins: John DeHart, Ken Sim
Elizabeth Hoath

John DeHart, Ken Sim are Co-founders of Nurse Next Door Professional Homecare Services Inc. John DeHart throws his cards down on the table. “You win again, Jimmy!” he exclaims. His partner has just laid down a three of clubs, a four of hearts and a queen of spades. It...

Oct 3, 2006
Day in the Sun: Art Aylesworth
Andrew Findlay

As one of the winners of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Region program, Art Aylesworth submitted himself to intense scrutiny by a top accounting firm and hard-nosed panel of judges, and came out on top. He was deemed a winner in the category of Technology and Health Sciences.

Oct 3, 2006
The Resource Sector: Dead End Jobs
Ben Parfitt

As northern winter days go it wasn't bad: minus-10 degrees Celsius with a mild breeze that never came close to whipping up the thin layer of snow that blanketed the ground and dusted the conifers. There would be no rain...

Oct 3, 2006
Mergers and Acquisitions: Culture Clash
Tony Wanless

Today’s headlines are dominated by Mergers and Acquisitions But what’s actually happening on the inside when two corporate cultures try to live together as one? Unless the marriage is planned as carefully, the resulting shock can leave both sides estranged.

Oct 3, 2006
Peter Bissonnette, President of Shaw Communications
BCBusiness D.B.

Talk about an industry at a crossroads. Only a decade ago, if you wanted to hook up your TV, you’d call the cable company. If you wanted phone service, you’d call the phone company. Today it’s like the Wild West: the fences are down and Rogers, Shaw, Bell and Telus are scrambling to stake their claims on our data-delivery dollars. Peter Bissonnette is at the centre of the fray.

Oct 2, 2006
Big Pharma: Selling Sickness
Katherine Gordon

From Paxil and Prozac to Ritalin and Viagra, Big Pharma is a multibillion-dollar global business. With a court battle that may result in Canada allowing drug companies to target ads directly at ¬consumers, how much of 'selling sickness' are we willing to swallow?

Oct 2, 2006
Judy Rogers: City of Vancouver Multitasker
David Jordan

When Police Chief Jamie Graham left a bullet-riddled shooting target on city manager Judy Rogers’s desk last July, she was concerned enough to take the issue to the mayor’s office, sparking a police board investigation. The board concluded the gesture...

Oct 2, 2006
Gateway Casinos: Winner Takes All
Jean Sorensen

For Gadhia, president of Gateway Casinos, B.C.'s second-largest casino company, the trip was also a homecoming; he left Tanzania as a 10-year-old boy and moved to Canada. "I wanted to give a sense of meaning to my return as well as contribute to my adopted country," he says. Not a conventional...

Oct 2, 2006
Hollywood North is Back
Katya Holloway

I’m standing over an operating table, looking down at a badly decomposed body. Its withered frame is sunken and appears to be melting into a pool of liquefied flesh. The hapless victim has been sucked dry by a vampire, and...

Sep 2, 2006
Asian Travel: Malaysian Malaise
John Lee

But as I prepare to throw myself at the door, the pilot’s clipped tones crackle overhead, announcing our descent into Kuala Lumpur. Triggering a scramble of activity from sleep-deprived passengers who’ve been in stasis too long – it’s like watching a cave full of uncoordinated grizzlies blundering out of hibernation...

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