Oct 19, 2021
New documentary series dives into B.C.’s untold history

Before starting his latest project, Kevin Eastwood thought he was headed for some lighter fare. After all, the writer/director had just finished working on the documentaries After the Sirens and Humboldt: The New Season in consecutive years. So when he took on writing and directing duties on the Knowledge Network limited documentary series British Columbia: An...

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Oct 18, 2021
Chamber Plan Provides Mental Health Resources for Employers
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Chambers Plan Employee Benefits Loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high—so is the impact on employees and their family members. Chamber of Commerce Insurance Plan can help. “The Chambers Plan has always been a grassroots, community-based organization that sees the importance of taking care of small businesses and helping them...

Oct 15, 2021
The 2022 Business of Good Awards are open for nominations

BCBusiness is on a mission to recognize the companies in our province that turn the principles of social responsibility into action. For these organizations, a good relationship with employees, the community and the environment is embedded in their culture. The Business of Good program is a chance to show off the steps your company is taking to make British Columbia a better place to live, work and play. The winners, chosen by a panel of judges and our editorial team, will be...

Oct 15, 2021
Going back to the office? Here’s how to prevent separation anxiety in your pet
Alyssa Hirose

For folks going back to the office this fall (or the 78.6 percent of British Columbians who prefer a hybrid of remote and in-person work), the new new normal will require some adaptation. And for those of us who have...

Oct 14, 2021
Stainless steel takeout containers might be the food packaging of the future
Alyssa Hirose

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in B.C., local restaurants saw an influx of takeout orders—and consumers saw an influx of takeout waste. Anastasia Kiku and Jason Hawkins, co-founders of Vancouver-based Reusables, watched as the garbage piled up. “The problem was really in our faces,”...

Oct 14, 2021
Peter Zandstra Wants to Change the Future of Medicine

BCBusiness + UBC Peter Zandstra was attracted to British Columbia from Ontario by a unique opportunity at the University of British Columbia—the opportunity to achieve the vision of a world where biology and technology work seamlessly to transform health and healthcare for everyone. When Zandstra joined UBC in 2017, he founded BC’s first and...

Oct 13, 2021
Pacific Trader: Is now the time to buy Tilray, after the cannabis sector’s great shakeout?
Michael McCullough

The stock: The irrational exuberance that greeted the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada came to an end. The painful retrenchment that followed will, too, to be replaced, we hope, by a more clear-eyed investment thesis based on actual...

Oct 12, 2021
B.C. unicorns Dapper Labs and Trulioo named to global Fintech 250
By the Editors

From the Forbes 400 to the BC500 (huh? why not just give everyone a “Participant” ribbon?), rankings and other lists of companies and business leaders can get a little long. Still, we’re happy to see that two B.C. names made...

Oct 8, 2021
Go Figure: Counting the ways work in B.C. may never be the same post-pandemic
Melissa Edwards

76.8% of British Columbians who shifted to remote work during the pandemic want to keep working at least half of their hours from home 28% said they worked longer hours More than 1/4 of Canadian professionals say they’re more likely to want...

Oct 7, 2021
Want to article at a top B.C. law firm? Read this first
Mohammed Hussain

Some people might think that just graduating from law school means you’re free to become a lawyer, but it’s not that simple. After earning their degree, grads must find an articling job—essentially an apprenticeship where they work under another lawyer.

Oct 6, 2021
The Best Catastrophe That Ever Happened to Us: Pandemic pivots that stuck
Michael McCullough

Curtis Christopherson remembers calling a meeting with his senior staff on Sunday, March 15, 2020. The World Health Organization had declared the global COVID-19 pandemic the previous Wednesday, and the B.C. government had issued a public health order closing, among...

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