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Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan - September 2019

Chambers Plan offers members and business owners digital shortcuts to resolve their issues faster

Figures show that over 32,000 businesses participate in the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, and one reason for such a high number is because the plan is constantly evolving to provide more and more services—as evidenced by two new features: Teladoc Health, and the Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB).

The Chambers Plan is the first organization in Canada to provide members with the services of virtual care leader Teladoc, which helps millions of people resolve their healthcare needs around the world. With Teladoc, which is embedded in all Chambers plans, members have 24/7 access to Canada board-certified and licensed physicians by phone, video or mobile app, typically with a one-hour visit turnaround time.

The service is invaluable, considering it has been estimated that 50 percent of Canadians are not able to schedule a doctor’s appointment on the same or next day. “Also, with Teladoc a great many prescriptions can be written over the phone,” says Ramon Solinas, Regional Marketing Director for the Chambers Plan in B.C since 2012.  “It’s an effective way to better access our country’s health-care system.”

The Healthy Business Bookmark is an online library of resources that help business owners increase their knowledge of and find answers to common human-resource dilemmas. “Whether the issue is related to hiring, termination, workplace harassment or maternity leave, the HBB is loaded with a ton of information and templates that comply with provincial standards and are updated regularly,” says Solinas. “This is especially helpful for small businesses whose owners otherwise might not have the time or resources to determine the proper courses of action available to them.”

As with Teladoc, the HBB has been embedded in all Chambers plans, at no additional cost to members.

A third recent offering of note is Tandem by Payworks, which Solinas describes as a solution that “links a company’s payroll with its benefits plan to ensure an accurate and updated exchange of information between the two parties.”

Payworks is Canada’s fastest-growing provider of workforce management solutions, and Chambers Plan members receive a complete suite of HR products at no additional cost when they sign up for payroll with Payworks. This, along with Chambers Plan’s free enhanced Business Assistance Service, gives business owners all the tools they need to navigate the employee lifecycle—from onboarding, performance reviews and absence management to human-resource coachin, and even counselling for employees.

Although at first glance these new offerings may seem to have nothing in common, they in fact demonstrate the degree to which the Chambers Plan responds to the diverse needs of its members. “Thanks to these and many other features, the Chambers Plan is no longer solely devoted to employee benefits,” says Solinas. “It’s also a complete tool kit for all of your business needs.”

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