Mar 20, 2021
By helping others feed themselves, Frank Giustra aims to grow a movement
Nick Rockel

Frank Giustra knows a thing or two about gardening. “I grew up as a son of immigrant Italian parents who came to Canada with not a lot of money and who had a very large garden,” recalls the Vancouver-based financier, entrepreneur and philanthropist, noting that food plays a key role in all aspects of his life. “We grew up with a cornucopia of vegetables in a one-acre plot. I can tell you for a fact, not only was the food...

Feb 26, 2021
The Innovators: Anandia Laboratories is testing the cannabis industry’s mettle
Nick Rockel

When Aurora Cannabis bought Vancouver’s Anandia Laboratories in August 2018 for $115 million in stock, investors were still dangerously high on the federal government’s imminent legalization of recreational marijuana, which left many of them nursing an expensive hangover. (Since that...

Jan 19, 2021
On Trend: These burger patty makers are flipping the industry upside down
Nathan Caddell

A&W Canada is largely responsible for bringing the Beyond Meat trend to the nation’s fast-food consumers. But the root beer maven isn’t alone–a bevy of B.C. producers in particular are staking their reputations on plant-based meat alternatives. ■ Public Patties In late June...

Jan 14, 2021
The Innovators: Terramera is out to transform food production
Nick Rockel

Terramera has been playing the field lately. Founded by biologist, lawyer and former MLA Karn Manhas in 2010, the company changed the agriculture game with Actigate, a technology that can make plant-based active ingredients more effective than synthetic pesticides and...

Dec 20, 2020
What will it take for B.C. to grow more of its own food?
Nick Rockel

First, let’s get the scary-looking numbers out of the way. In the 2021 edition of Canada’s Food Price Report, the authors predict that the cost of food will rise 3 to 5 percent for Canadians next year. For a family that includes a man and a woman aged 31-50, a boy aged 14-18 and a girl aged nine to 13, that means annual food expenditure would increase by $695 at the high end, to $13,907. Of course, the pandemic looms large...

Nov 5, 2020
Vancouver startup banks on a niche: unbanked seasonal farm workers
Nick Rockel

In a world where many people do their banking quickly and conveniently online, Canada’s seasonal agricultural workers have been left behind. Those visiting labourers don’t just toil in the fields—sending money home to their families in Mexico and other countries...

Oct 29, 2020
Vast majority of Canadians believe B.C. has the best cannabis in the country: report
By the Editors

It’s not shocking that most Canadians believe B.C. bud reigns supreme in the country. But you might be surprised to learn that many of this province’s cannabis consumers don’t actually know where their stuff is from. In a recent survey produced by...

Oct 27, 2020
Ask a Leader: Oumar Barou Togola urges food producers to build resilience by shortening their supply chains
By the Editors

We asked prominent members of the B.C. business community what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—and how this crisis will change everything from work to leadership. Oumar Barou Togola is founder and executive chair of Farafena, a Vancouver-based social enterprise that sells grain, flour and other food products grown by women farmers in the African nations of Mali and Malawi...

Oct 2, 2020
Best B.C. beers in swing ridings: Chilliwack has loads of promise on and off the ballot
Nathan Caddell

October is BC Craft Beer Month. There’s also an election coming up, if you haven’t heard. Because politics and beer actually mix very well, we’ll be analyzing the top three brews in ridings across the province up until the October 24...

Sep 15, 2020
11 B.C. beers win gold at 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards
By the Editors

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on this province’s restaurant industry, it hasn’t necessarily affected alcohol sales on the same level. And though things definitely aren’t “back to normal” for those in B.C.’s brewery business, many in that sector got some good...

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