Mar 9, 2023
UBC is spicing up its campus (and the local agri-food industry) with a new food processing plant
Rushmila Rahman

It seems like every time you turn around, there's another construction site popping up on UBC’s Vancouver campus. No doubt current (and former) students would agree that it’s hard to picture the university grounds without any cranes or bulldozers. But hey, it's all...

Jan 12, 2023
B.C.-based No Meat Factory announces massive Series B funding round
By the Editors

It’s been a fast and furious few years of growth for No Meat Factory, the plant-based food producer, which was founded in 2019. Today, the company announced that it has raised a Series B funding round of US$42 million. The...

Aug 3, 2022
Burnaby's Trendi Tech scores investment from the Canadian Food Innovation Network
Nathan Caddell

For the national nonprofit that is the Canadian Food Innovation Network, recycling food will probably never go out of style. In that sense, Burnaby-based Trendi Tech is quite aptly named. The company, which uses robotics to help the farm and food...

May 26, 2022
SeedChange is hosting a local seed demonstration site in Abbotsford this summer
Rushmila Rahman

Rising food prices has been a consistent problem throughout the pandemic, coming to a head with the conflict in Ukraine. But prices are rising for the wrong reasons, according to David Catzel, program manager for the Bauta Family Initiative on...

Jan 10, 2022
How much money can be made from plant-based and lab-grown meat? B.C. entrepreneurs are raising the steaks
Steve Burgess

Old MacDonald had a farm. New MacDonald has a laboratory, an extruder, a 3D beef printer and the backing of venture capital. A B.C.-based investment firm called Cult Food Science is investing in companies developing cultured meat alternatives. Meanwhile, a local...

Nov 26, 2021
Dunder Mifflin who? This B.C. company turns sugar cane into sustainable paper
Alyssa Hirose

We’ll try not to inundate you with The Office jokes, but how often do you get the chance to write about a paper company that’s doing something cool? Not putting staplers in Jello or hosting a run for an already-cured disease: New Westminster–based Social Print Paper is transforming would-be landfill...

Nov 22, 2021
Go Figure: From milk to artisan cheese, the province’s multibillion-dollar dairy industry earns its bread and butter
Melissa Edwards

Want to help B.C. dairy farms that were devastated by the recent floods? You can donate to this fundraiser organized on behalf of the BC Dairy Association. Dairy is the province’s No. 1 agricultural product by value, generating 18% of all...

Oct 22, 2021
The next Uber or Tesla? Pitt Meadows’ CubicFarms has a field of dreams
By the Editors

The future of farming is everywhere in a massive Pitt Meadows airplane hangar, both literally and figuratively, with the phrase projected onto walls in bright green font. But CubicFarms Amplified walks the talk, too, with a video presentation featuring various experts in...

Aug 26, 2021
Vancouver’s Bettermoo(d) is fighting for a dairy-free future, one product at a time
Nathan Caddell

Across North America, sales of dairy milk have been declining for some time. That’s not a surprise to anyone who’s been in a grocery store lately and seen the numerous options for almond and oat milk occupying shelves. Vancouver-based Bettermoo(d) has...

Jun 25, 2021
To put it bluntly, B.C.'s cannabis industry is reaching great heights: report
Saphiya Zerrouk

Since its legalization in Canada in October of 2018, sales of cannabis by THC weight have steadily increased in B.C. year over year. A recent report conducted by the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR) at UVic looked at sales...

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