Every year, people say a lot of things changed over the course of 365 days. Was that true in 2018? In B.C., you could make the case. 

After all, many of our municipalities are now being run by different leaders, and more folks seem to be inhaling cannabis than before, for some reason. 

For us at BCBusiness, it was yet another year to tell stories about the local business community. So even as some look in disgust at the year that was (usually theyre looking south), we were happy to cover goings-on in the countrys most interesting province. 

Starting with the latest, here are some of our favourite stories from 2018. 

Nick Rockel, editor-in-chief:

1. “Happy Horgan” (November) by Steve Burgess
If you’ve read one political profile, you’ve read them all. Burgess puts that idea to rest with a playful study of Premier John Horgan, who’s apparently a fan.

2. “Split Decision” (October) by Frances Bula
We turned to veteran civic reporter Bula to make sense of the City of Vancouver’s chaotic 2018 election campaign, which saw one mayoral front-runner drop out before our story went to press—and another make a cringe-worthy pitch for votes at a local business awards gala.

3. “Big Trouble in Little B.C.” (September) by Ng Weng Hoong
Long before the U.S. government used Canada like a rented mule to nab Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou for possible extradition, Ng was thinking about China’s powerful business influence on the world, including our obscure province.

4. “After the Crash and Other Nightmares” (July/August) by Guy Saddy
Everyone’s favourite topic—what’s gonna happen to the Vancouver real estate market?—gets a thoughtful treatment from Saddy. Please don’t let it be Door No. 1.  

5. “High Standards” (February) by Andrew Findlay
As far as we know, Findlay took the first in-depth look at B.C. cannabis visionary Jonathan Page and his Anandia Labs, which Aurora Cannabis bought last spring for $115 million.

Nathan Caddell, associate editor:

1. “Ahoy Chip” (November) by Nick Rockel
Even ardent haters (and they certainly exist) of the former Lululemon CEO will admit that our editor-in-chief got a compelling piece out of his interview with Chip Wilson. 

2. “Getting Crafty” (October) by Nathan Caddell 
I realize picking one of my own pieces is likely a hallmark of clinical narcissism. But I'm not highlighting this article on craft beer marketing because I think it's some sort of gift to journalism. It was simply the most enjoyable (and delicious) assignment I had this year. 

3. “Harbouring Ambitions” (July/August) by Andrew Findlay
An incredibly insightful piece on how Nanaimo's (now-former) city council stalled business development in the Vancouver Island port town. 

4. “New Kids on the Block” (May) by Matt O'Grady
Even luddites will appreciate O'Grady's breakdown of B.C.'s blockchain scene, and that's because the former editor-in-chief of BCBusiness imbues it with those narratives we all understand: regret and hope. 

5. “Home Advantage” (April) by Ryan Stuart
Ever wondered how B.C.-based Arc'teryx survives by selling at an incredibly high price point? So did we. Stuart breaks down the company's business model and weighs the pros and cons.