Credit: Tanya Goehring on location at Leisure Center

Shelby Manton, 27


Life Story: Shelby Manton doesn’t have a background in film, at least in the traditional sense. But the UVic commerce graduate did have experience chasing her older brother, Geoff Manton, around White Rock with a camera, filming anything they could find. Manton thought she’d left that life behind when she went off to university, but it came roaring back when she decided to partner with Geoff, who has a film degree from SFU, and their friend Sebastien Galina to form Boldly Creative Agency. About 80 percent of the production company’s business is making commercials for or with advertising agencies.

Manton contends that Boldly is reinventing the film production industry because it’s so lean. “We try to look at other solutions, so we’re just a little more crafty with how we approach production problems,” she says. “Because a lot of the time in the industry, people say, Oh, just throw a bunch of money at it and it’ll go away. But there’s always a solution, and it doesn’t have to be money that solves it, just some creative thinking.

Bottom Line: The three founders have another full-time staff member, plus freelancers they call upon. The company, which hit about $2 million in revenue in 2018, recently moved into a new studio in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant. Manton hopes that Boldly will release its first feature film this year.


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