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Breakthrough Studios (BTS) is a tech-enabled 3PL (third-party logistics) provider that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands for BC-based businesses that ship throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

The past five years have seen unprecedented growth in ecommerce, and one BC-based company is making sure Canadian businesses are keeping up. For more than two decades, the team at Breakthrough Studios (BTS) has been entrenched in the e-commerce world, creating its own brands, which include TruEarth—the second fastest growing start-up in Canada in 2021—and helping its partners build their businesses.

“Breakthrough Studios brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to its customers,” says Kevin Hinton, President. “We offer full-service third-party logistics services covering everything from next-day deliveries to major Canadian cities to fully customized subscription boxes.”

And when they say “full-service,” they mean it. BTS offers fulfillment—picks, packs, and ships the product; technology—including all-in-one order, inventory, and shipment management tools; and warehousing for receiving and storing products. It integrates with most major ecommerce programs and offers distributed inventory, kitting, warehouse automation, analytics tools, return management, bundling and customization.

Saving Businesses Money

As shipping and warehousing costs continue to rise, businesses are feeling the pressure when it comes to affordably getting product to customers. BTS is helping businesses meet this challenge by negotiating the most competitive rates with major shippers.

“We have partnered with several independent delivery companies, which allows us to ship packages from the West Coast to major East Coast cities as quickly as the next day,” says Hinton. “And we do that for more than 50% less and with no fuel surcharge tax.”

Happy Customers, Happy Businesses

The post-purchase process can make or break time retaining customers, which means efficient delivery options, real-time tracking, custom packing, and a full-service returns and replacement program can keep customers happy and coming back for more for years to come.

The post-order process is another crucial time for solidifying a great customer experience, and if businesses are focusing their energies there, they are prevented from focusing on and growing the business.
“We handle the heavy lifting so business owners can rest easy knowing their products will arrive to the customer correctly, quickly and as inexpensively as possible,” Hinton says.
BTS also manages any issue that might occur during the entire cycle—from refunds to lost shipments—so business owners can focus on growth and development.

“We have processed and shipped more than $100 million of our own and partners’ e-commerce with less than 0.1% shipping error rate,” Hinton says. “No matter a business’s needs, we have them covered.”

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