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Address: 4488 Ross Crescent, West Vancouver

Price: $6,999,000

Listing: R2420024 

The skinny: Tommy Chong's four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,022-square-foot home in West Vancouver

The bling: Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame is selling his place. It's quite a joint: $7,000,000 gets you four bedrooms, five bathrooms and as many bong rooms as you want.

No need to worry about the heat. There are two fireplaces, including a beautiful wood-burning one in the living room. At least, the listing says wood-burning, but really you could put whatever you want in there. There are plenty of windows, skylights and a dining room that looks like a solarium. In fact the whole place looks like it could double as a greenhouse. Just a thought.

There is a lot of space for all your best B.C. buds, and the realtor has given assurances that anybody crashing on the couch will be removed before the sale is finalized. The house is on a very secluded street. It's a waterfront hideaway. But really, there's no need to be paranoid anymore. It's cool now. There are rooms with beautiful views of the water, if you enjoy that sort of thing. But I mean, have you ever really looked at your hands, man?

Security should not be an issue since the cops probably still have the address memorized. On the other hand you'll want to have strong perimeter fencing to stop guys named Dave from knocking all night. And once you move in, you should probably check to make sure the smoke alarms haven't been deactivated.

Also, if you buy it, make sure you get the papers. You gotta have papers, man.

The hidden extras: There's a basement with a separate entrance. In fact, there's a rumour that the former occupant basically lived in the basement suite with Day-Glo posters all over the walls, one bean bag chair and tables made out of old milk crates. But that is unconfirmed.

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