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BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: #4, 180 Sheerwater Court, Kelowna

Price: $10,988,888

Listing: 10183174

The skinny: Five-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 11,496-square-foot lakefront home in Kelowna

The bling: Would like to get away from it all, in a rustic cabin by the lakeshore? How much would you pay for such a cabin? Can one even put a price on that sort of bucolic tranquility? How about $11,000,000?

This striking palace first caught the attention of BFD when it was listed several years ago. It is now back on the market with a new, improved price. To be specific the asking price for this award-winning modern lakeside mansion on the outskirts of Kelowna is $10,988,888, which is like $11 million but with more eights. Apparently eights are lucky, and all that luck is just part of the peace of mind you will experience here in your new pagoda-style megaplex. (If you have your own lucky number, feel free to add or drop a few dollars in your bid. Somewhere near the end of the number, preferably.) The home features more than 11,000 square feet, but they could probably feng shui that down to 10,888 square feet—chop off a couple of the nine bathrooms, maybe. There's a media room and a wine cellar capable of holding eight bottles. Or more, if you feel like tempting fate.

One thing is for sure—when delivering pot stickers to your place, the Foodora guy will never have to double-check the address. The phrase “You can't miss it” was coined for piles like this. Sitting on more than two waterfront acres, it boasts three projecting roof structures that tilt up like wings, as if to lift the whole place up and fly it off to some design show where it can win more awards. As for the rest of it, it's mostly glass held together by a few sticks.

By the way, there's also a big swimming pool. So if you see anybody swimming in the lake, release the hounds.

The hidden extras: The kitchen was patterned after a Michelin-starred restaurant. No pressure, though.

1 exterior side2 exterior back4 living room5 dining6 living kitchen7 kitchen8 kitchen9 bar10 den11 piano stairs12 bedroom13 bedroom14 bedroom15 bath16 bath17 stairs18 family room19 gym20 spa21 massage22 bedroom23 bedroom24 patio view25 aerial26 lawn27 dock28 from water29 patio30 driveway31 parking32 parking33 overhead