BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 585 Beaver Creek Road, Beaverdekk, B.C.

Price: $5,679,000

Listing: 10181389

The skinny: Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 5548 square feet, 670 acre ranch.

The bling: Looking for the perfect getaway? How about a place that doesn’t even exist? Getaways don’t any more away than that. The location of this property, the beautiful Buck Lake Lodge, is listed here as Beaverdekk, BC. Speaking of locations, the “K” on the computer keyboard is located next to the “L” so it is possible the Buck Kake Kodge—sorry, Buck Lake Lodge—is actually located in Beaverdell, BC (which, like the mythical Beaverdekk, is located one hour away from Kelowna). But let’s just say Beaverdekk because that’s what the listing says and besides, you may be trying to throw a posse off your trail.

The Buck Lake Lodge dates back to 1906, a time when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were still riding the range. (Cassidy was even born in a Utah town called Beaver, with no typos). They might very well have tricked their pursuers by changing the road signs to say “Beaverdekk” before they moseyed on down to this comfortable spread in Beaverdell. It’s a real working ranch too with irrigation, a riding arena, and 280 head of cattle on 670 acres, so all you no-good rustlers can just ride on over to Beaverdekk instead.

The lodge is a gorgeous log cabin just like the one Abraham Lincoln was born in, probably. Presumably the Lincolns later sold their place for about $5 million because everyone knows presidential campaigns are very expensive. There’s also a hot tub, which used to be your only bathing option back in the day.

The hidden extras: A great many cow pies, probably. Watch your step.