Bowen Island

BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 431 Josephine Drive, Bowen Island 

Price: $6.9 million 

Listing: R2735808 

The skinny: Three-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,734 square foot house on 5.1 acres of land on Bowen Island 

The bling: Contrary to what you might think, the head of Bowen Island isn’t actually the mayor. That title belongs to whoever is residing in this house, at least that’s what this listing would have you believe. After all, current Bowen Island Mayor Andrew Leonard won with just 860 votes. Surely, you could buy the election with a fraction of what this house costs. Leonard better keep that power grid running smoothly—this fully networked and app-controlled house can’t afford a day in the rough.  

That’s sort of what makes the opening line of this listing funny. “This exceptional estate offers complete privacy and an unmatched Bowen Island experience.” No arguments on the first part, mate. If you wanted to, you’d be able to hole up here for years at a time without so much as seeing another human. That second part though... is this what everyone thinks of when they think “Bowen Island?” Forget ever even thinking of going in the ocean, you’ve got a huge outdoor pool!  

Is the drum set in the middle of the living room just a test to see if anyone can hear you? (They can’t.) And why does the basement, with the bar and the foosball table and the weird information desk feel like BC Ferries’ newest attraction? Move over, Coastal Café and half-working arcade. Here’s something that’ll sit even more empty.

The hidden extras: Multiple fireplaces, a gym, a wine cellar, guest/art studios, a massive yard. 

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