BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 2551 Kroener Road 

Price: $9,500,000 

Listing: R2479941

The skinny: 2,122 acres of deeded land in Horsefly, B.C. 

The bling: Welcome to Woodjam Ranch. Hope you enjoy your stay, because there’s literally nowhere else to go. Seriously, it’s Dr. Bonnie Henry’s wildest dreams. This is a place that scores 10 in “quiet” and “car-friendly” under the Neighbourhood tab of the real estate listing and a 0 on everything else. After all, Horsefly is an old gold rush town–turned–unincorporated community in the Cariboo region that now houses about 1,000 people.

But that’s just fine and dandy over here. Why would you want to leave this paradise? Never mind two big houses and 10 kilometres of frontage—the 2020 winner of the Ranch Sustainability Award from the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association has its own microclimate.

The interiors are a little, um, quaint, but who cares when you’ll be outside the entire time? (The weather in the Cariboo is good year-round, we've heard) And don’t mind the unincorporated community’s name; we’re sure the horsefly problem isn’t that bad.

Of course, there’s also fishing and hunting, and oh yeah, you’re probably going to want, like, 30 cattle and various other animals. That’s doable, right?

The hidden extras: A ground-level well (seriously)