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Respect, integrity, teamwork and adaptability drive success across Western Canada

Vancouver-based Blackbird Security was founded on four important principles: respect, integrity, teamwork, and adaptability. That means treating others with dignity and respect at all times, ensuring all decisions and actions are conducted without bias, functioning as one team regardless of how big the company grows, and constantly striving to learn, grow, and adapt to stay current with changing safety and technological needs.

In fact, these operational values originate from responding to the unique needs and feedback of the business community, and they have been a significant differentiating factor from its competitors.

“We found Western Canada's security options lacking, as they were either too small to provide a full-service solution or too large to devise personalized security programs,” says Ranko Vukovic, chief operating officer of Blackbird Security. “Our mission is to offer all the service and reliability of a ‘big’ company, while retaining the personalization and flexibility of a much smaller operation.” 


Credit: Blackbird Security

Bill Cannon is the commercial operations manager for Bosa Commercial. The company has been using Blackbird Security as its security vendor the part two years, during which time it has provided Bosa with 24/7 uniform security coverage.

“Their guards are professional, reliable, and have excellent customer service,” Cannon says. “They deal with any incidents, loitering or attempted drug use on property immediately, tactfully and effectively. They have done outreach and formed good direct relationships with of our tenants. I would recommend this company for any malls or shopping centres looking for professional security guards.”


Credit: Blackbird Security

Blackbird Security has offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina. Its ownership is 100% local and private, and all the owners are actively involved in managing and running the business full-time.

The company provides the full gamut of security services, such as security guard service, concierge services and mobile security patrol services, but the secret to fulfilling the company’s ambitious values-driven mandate is its exceptional team.

“We hire the best with industry leading compensation and benefit packages for guards,” Vukovic says. “We put our guards through intensive classroom and field training, guaranteeing high quality security industry professionals at all of our clients' sites.”

Blackbird Security training focuses on verbal de-escalation tactics and situational awareness, giving the company’s security personnel the communication skills and tools to navigate difficult situations and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Credit: Blackbird Security

Blackbird Security’s mobile patrol service uses the latest technology to provide a highly effective visual and physical deterrent for criminal activity. “We have a large fleet of security vehicles throughout Vancouver and the rest of BC and can do mobile patrols anywhere in the province,” Vukovic says. “It's a budget-friendly way to protect your business or property with professional boots-on-ground security.”

Blackbird Security also has a division called Blackbird Technologies, which specializes in camera and alarm system installation and 24/7 monitoring.

“We have a GPS enabled app, which shares everything from incident reporting to guard location with our clients in real time,” Vukovic says. “We tie this technology together with our guard services to bring customized solutions for any security issue our clients may be facing.” 

Credit: Blackbird Security

Michael Gunion, general manager, operations and marketing for Kevington Building Corp, commends Blackbird’s concierge team and security guards for superior work. 

“Each night, we have noticed how the security team members care for the property and take pride in ensuring that all those who work, live and visit the property are kept safe, Gunion says. 

Perry Mahal, property manager at ONNI GROUP, agrees. “We had the pleasure of hiring Blackbird Security for our industrial portfolio, which covers over one million square feet in area,” he says. “They have been amazing to work with, offering great communication, detailed reports and the willingness to always go above and beyond their scope of work to ensure a proper job has been completed. I would recommend this company to property managers who want to ensure first class service to their tenants.”

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