Business of Good

Sep 8, 2023
New Westminster-based Odihi Foundation is building bridges for BIPOC women
Rushmila Rahman

Efe Fruci’s career has been an uphill battle. From getting bullied as a kid in Nigeria to now serving as the executive director of a not-for-profit organization, Fruci says that, as a Black woman, she has had to overcome barriers...

Mar 23, 2023
5 Richmond-based nonprofits join Sage's Grow Program incubator
Rushmila Rahman

There’s no denying that nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing social issues around the world. The sector contributes $6.7 billion to B.C.’s economy, but factors like funding, resource constraints, regulatory compliance and changing community needs often hinder their...

Feb 9, 2023
Land Values: Vancouver nonprofit CIRES is redefining how businesses can work with neighbourhoods
Frances Bula

The row of businesses along Carrall Street on the edge of Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood looks not that much different from the eclectic mix on other streets nearby. East Van Roasters, the coffee-roasting and chocolate shop. Nelson the Seagull, a bakery...

Feb 7, 2023
Young Guns: Christina Wong is lifting up entrepreneurs in the Downtown Eastside through Employ to Empower
Rushmila Rahman

Christina Wong grew up feeling like a misfit. “My parents split when I was young, and I moved eight times between families,” she recalls. “I never quite knew where I belonged.” The first time she did feel a sense of belonging was...

Dec 9, 2022
Leadership 2022: How CEO Erin Seeley plans to lead YWCA Metro Vancouver from behind
Rushmila Rahman

This year, we focus on those who have taken on new roles at the top of an organization recently, and quiz them about the changing landscape of leadership. Erin Seeley’s first memory of being a leader goes back to assigning roles...

Jun 30, 2022
30 Under 30: Cheralyn Chok is levelling the playing field for youth in finance and innovation
Nick Rockel

Life Story: Cheralyn Chok credits a community-oriented upbringing for her decision to work in social impact. Volunteering with her family, plus the values instilled in her at home and at school, “made me want to do something good,” recalls the daughter...

Apr 29, 2022
Local donation platform Charitable Impact racks up $1 billion in contributions
Rushmila Rahman

Despite a reputation for being generous, Canadians reached a monumental low when it came to charitable donations in 2021, according to this report. However, as of April 2022, that trend seems to be reversing, if Charitable Impact is any indication.

Apr 22, 2022
This mobile store is handing out essential supplies in the DTES (for free)
Alyssa Hirose

“There should not have to be a service like this, but it is so desperately needed,” says Charlie Hannah of Distro Disco. After years of working in and around the DTES, Hannah began holding supply drives for unhoused communities formed during...

Apr 21, 2022
This local footwear brand is blending shoes to build playgrounds
Rushmila Rahman

We recycle glass, we recycle plastic, we even recycle clothes—but have you ever wondered where your shoes end up after you’re done with them? If local footwear company Native Shoes had its way, they’d all be turned into playgrounds. The brand, which...

Apr 21, 2022
Opinion: 7 lessons from a nonprofit’s mission to embed equity
Paromita Naidu

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” –John Dewey BC Women’s Health Foundation (BCWHF) is a medium-sized philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health. We help ensure that women have equitable access to...

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