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Willson International has been simplifying North American trade with client-focused solutions since 1918.

Combining customs and logistics services reduces complexity

Frustrations associated with the shipment of goods are usually two-fold: first is the lack of transparency in the shipping process (with clients often not knowing where their goods are at any given time); and second is the delays and financial implications of being stuck in limbo when the goods reach customs.

Willson International implicitly understands these inconveniences, having simplified North American trade with client-focused solutions since 1918. With industry leading technology and service specialists who keep clients in the loop from the moment an order is dispatched, Willson ensures reliable, efficient shipping and border processing.

Mike Chisholm, Willson’s vice-president, general manager of the logistics division, notes that Willson staff are trained, certified and involved. “They are continuously engaged in the trade community and professional development opportunities, which enables them to bring best practises, trends, and an awareness of regulatory developments to the table,” he says. “This is vital, considering the rules governing the shipment of goods are constantly evolving.”

Businesses who ship across borders appreciate that combining Willson’s logistics and customs services significantly reduces complexity. “With respect to customs, there is a quicker sharing of information because we handle customs ourselves, and it drastically reduces the problem of delayed shipments. In fact, 98 per cent of customs inquiries are resolved on the first call—no passing the client around from office to office or person to person.” Willson’s proprietary technological suite of services helps clients access the information they need from one point of contact or through their own customized web portal—whether it’s to track a shipment or analyse data.

Still, Willson operates at a time when clients too often choose logistics providers based solely on low cost—even though that provider may not have any true depth of expertise or access to resources.  

“Therefore it’s really in your best interest to thoroughly vet who you’re considering doing business with,” says Chisholm. “Can they provide in-house customs expertise? Will they provide one single point of contact? How extensive is their network of partners and agents around the world? Plus, will they walk you through everything that needs to be done?”

Chisholm notes that anyone who asks these and other questions usually winds up contacting a Willson representative. 

“Given the fierce competition out there, it’s in our best interest to add value to service instead of just providing the basics,” he says. “We are ready to partner with companies looking for a better level of service.” 

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