Deloitte Study
Credit: Deloitte

Study shows that 85 per cent of analytically mature organizations exceed corporate goals

In the wake of the recent Sears Canada bankruptcy, it seems that every brick-and-mortar retailer is fighting to survive against the swell of online purchases that dominate the market.

According to a new report from accounting and advisory firm Deloitte Canada, retail executives know they need a strategy to battle digital disruption, but they often don’t know what approach to take.

The study, called Future-proofing your retail business: Balancing the art and science of advanced analytics in customer experience, aims to broaden retailers’ understanding of how to use analytics in their business.

Deloitte identifies three key areas of focus: leveraging analytics, challenging traditional ways of understanding the customer and evaluating opportunities to expand.

This information isn’t just relevant to the retail industry: a separate Deloitte study found that “85 per cent of analytically mature organizations exceed their corporate goals compared to 67 per cent of less mature organizations.”

It seems that the best tool for fighting computers is, well, a computer.