Aug 11, 2022
Land Values: Vancouver apartment doors are finally opening to courtyards
Frances Bula

When I went to visit a friend in very suburban Tsawwassen recently for the first time in years, I felt bad for him as I parked in his building’s lot. Sigh, I thought. Another bland and boxy apartment that plonks...

Jul 7, 2022
Weekend Warrior: Private home designers Falkenberg and Reynolds trek to get away from it all
Rushmila Rahman

Interior designers spending their free time in the wild—poetic, isn’t it? Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds, co-founders of local design firm Falken Reynolds, insist that there’s some practicality to it, too. “I think there is a really strong connection with our...

Apr 13, 2022
This new browser add-on can help people with low vision read better
Rushmila Rahman

Since reading and writing went from the page to the screen, you’d think it’s become more accessible. But as this global report by the World Health Organization reveals, 2.2 billion people currently live with impaired vision, making legibility a very real...

Apr 12, 2022
Is design the key to bringing employees back to the office?
Rushmila Rahman

The sun may be setting on the pandemic, but employees still want to work from home. As a result, many B.C. companies find themselves at risk of seeing their office spaces go to waste. That predicament raises the question: if...

Apr 1, 2022
With a few clicks, local app turns your iPhone photos into high-quality prints
Rushmila Rahman

Taking photos is much more convenient than it was 10 years ago: just pull out your phone and capture a new memory in the making. But getting those pictures printed never followed suit, and it remains a cumbersome process unless you...

Mar 23, 2022
With help from some friends, Ronald McDonald House gets a refresh
Rushmila Rahman

Having a sick child is something that nobody wants to experience, and being away from them while they’re in the hospital is even worse. To help keep everyone together, Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon (RMH BC) offers accommodation to families...

Mar 10, 2022
Staycation in a shed? Vancouver-based Novella Outdoors builds custom hideaways for work, storage or leisure
Rushmila Rahman

They say that mixing business and friendship can be one of two things: the key to your success or a total nightmare. Well, it turned out to be the right move for Novella Outdoors, an offshoot of contractor Novell Design Build, formed...

Dec 7, 2021
A&W’s new clothing collab with Vancouver brand Frankie Collective is shockingly cool
Alyssa Hirose

I’m all for the little and local, so usually, a merch announcement from a mega hamburger brand wouldn't draw my attention. But throw in a Vancouver collaborator and an eco-element, and I'm interested. That’s what A&W Canada did at its launch...

Nov 12, 2021
Meet the new B.C. brand making affordable, Scandinavian-style furniture entirely in Canada
Alyssa Hirose

Andrew McKillop’s background is in finance, so when he moved from the U.K. to Vancouver five years ago, that was the industry he looked to enter. But a small shift to project management led to a big shift to more creative fields, as McKillop started...

Feb 16, 2021
Young Guns: Emma Reynolds and Shannon Edlington created a side hustle to make their way in fashion
Nathan Caddell

Starting a company when you already have a full-time job is no easy task. But Emma Reynolds and Shannon Edlington admit that it’s not quite as hard when you and your co-founder live in the same apartment building. The two met...

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