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Smartphone app tracks real-time status, health and location of your vehicle, even when you're not with it

Wandering around parking lots wondering where you left your car could become a thing of the past. Vancouver-based Mojio’s connected-car platform has been adopted by Rogers Communications Inc., enabling its Share Everything mobile phone customers to access data from their vehicles’ OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) port. Compatible with most vehicles built after 1996, the Rogers Smart Drive device plugs into the OBD-II, which is what mechanics use for diagnostics and emissions testing.

 Canada’s first-ever connected-car solution will allow users to:

  • Monitor driving activity, get speed alerts, track their car’s location and get notified when family members arrive, all in real time
  • Turn their car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, entertaining the family en route
  • Receive engine alerts, diagnose car trouble and be notified about disturbances to the vehicle

Mojio is planning additional carrier launches in North America and Europe over the next three months and expects to have 750,000 vehicles connected to its cloud-based platform by the end of 2017. Founded in Vancouver in 2012, the company provides secure cloud platform and white-label app solutions to wireless carriers including Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile.