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Convenience and peace of mind is a major selling point for prospective tenants.

By offering security and automation solutions in residential buildings, property managers are likely to see an increase in demand, both by being able to lease-up quicker and retain tenants longer. 

Modern technology

An industry insight survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that 86% of millennials want smart home technology in their rental units and would be willing to pay more if it were installed.1 With technology advancing rapidly, more and more buildings will have smart security and automation systems connected on one platform. It not only enhances the resident experience, but it also improves risk management and reduces operating expenses for property managers and property owners.

For prospective tenants, the ability to control their whole unit from their phone is a very attractive feature when deciding where to rent. Whether they choose to view their security cameras, remotely adjust the temperature in their unit, or remotely unlock their front door, they can do it all with a click of a button. With the Scenes feature in the TELUS mobile app, residents have the ability to automate their smart devices to all work togetherfor example, a movie time scene can dim the lights and turn up the heat. 

Safety is valued

Renters want to live where they feel safe and secure. With intercom integration, residents can remotely see who is requesting to enter their building and remotely buzz their friends or family in. 


Having a smart automation system also allows for residents to step away from their unit and have peace of mind. Whether they are off to work for the day or going on a weekend getaway, they can control their unit from anywhere with Wi-Fi or mobile service. Maybe they want to check on their dog, or perhaps they forgot to lock the front door. If a tenant forgets to turn down the thermostat for a weekend away or turn off their curling iron, they can handle it from their connected smart device, reducing the risks for them and everyone else in the building. Ultimately, it will keep their belongings, themselves, the property, and unit safe too. 


Smart automation and security systems are easily accessible for renters and property managers alike. With remote access to all the information needed, property managers can have the freedom and flexibility to manage properties from afar. Whether that be monitoring vacant units or doing touchless self-showings, property managers can perform their jobs without interfering with the residents’ day to day lives. 

Easy access to all key features of the property will allow for a frictionless experience for the tenant and property manager, leading to an increased likelihood of retaining tenants long-term. Property managers can achieve savings through operational efficiencies, all while mitigating risk on common occurrences like leak events. 

Not only do smart automation and security systems offer benefits to both the resident and property manager, it also unlocks the ability to have a positive environmental impact. Through energy and water management, residents and property managers can effortlessly enact small, but meaningful change to help our environment.  

To find out more about automation and security powered by TELUS’ world-leading network and how it enables sustainable and smart buildings, visit telus.com/tcss today. 



[1] Schalge® Industry Insight Survey - conducted by Wakefield Research. The survey sample contained 1,000 U.S. renters in multi-family dwellings from October 12 - October 24, 2016, using email and online survey. Published November 29, 2016. © 2021 Cision US Inc.

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