May 12, 2022
The Nature Trust of BC is bent on saving the Shoal Creek estuary
Rushmila Rahman

The extinction of a species starts at home. As habitats dwindle in the face of urbanization and other threats, conservation efforts to maintain or restore land are a major determinant of whether threatened species can make it out alive. B.C.’s Shoal...

May 2, 2022
Big Mountain Foods is taking its vegan products beyond zero-waste
Rushmila Rahman

When the COVID outbreak started, mother-daughter duo Kimberly and Jasmine Chamberland were stuck elbow-deep in soy-free tofu in Taiwan. Now, after six years of research and development, a partnership with fava bean company Prairie Fava and $10 million invested in...

Apr 28, 2022
Sparkgeo harnesses the power of geospatial data to help tech companies move forward
Rushmila Rahman

Back in 2010, most cellphones had GPS. Now they all have it. According to Will Cadell, founder and CEO of geospatial consulting firm Sparkgeo, we’re talking about seven billion devices collecting geospatial data every day, and that’s on top of all the...

Apr 21, 2022
This local footwear brand is blending shoes to build playgrounds
Rushmila Rahman

We recycle glass, we recycle plastic, we even recycle clothes—but have you ever wondered where your shoes end up after you’re done with them? If local footwear company Native Shoes had its way, they’d all be turned into playgrounds. The brand, which...

Mar 31, 2022
Inventory: Local products to keep your home and the planet clean
Alyssa Hirose

Green bins are a vital part of responsible waste disposal in 2022, but the reality of countertop compost is a smelly nightmare (and fruit fly magnet). Taylor McCarten and Harmen Zijlstra launched BinBreeze, a Victoria-based company that turns industrial wood...

Mar 25, 2022
Meet 10 tech leaders and innovators who are helping our province clean up its act
Rushmila Rahman

As the climate crisis accelerates toward a boiling point, local innovators are harnessing technology to help build a greener provincial economy. The 2022 BC Cleantech Awards recognize their efforts. Cleantech accelerator Foresight CAC, which has offices in B.C. and Alberta, presented the awards with business...

Mar 23, 2022
It’s a Good Thing: District energy gains new converts in our warming world
Matt O'Grady

Cities represent something of a climate paradox. On the one hand, they’re the answer to global warming: more efficient land use (think up, not out) means fewer people commuting, and more land for the farms and forests that sustain us. On...

Mar 22, 2022
This nonprofit alliance is donating $14.5 million to the BC Parks Foundation
Rushmila Rahman

Montreal-based Age of Union—a nonprofit founded by tech entrepreneur and environmentalist Dax Dasilva—has committed $14.5 million to the BC Parks Foundation. “I’ve been connected to the cause of protecting nature and protecting species from my teenage days in B.C.,” Dasilva tells BCBusiness. Growing...

Mar 18, 2022
Zero-waste deodorant brand Human Essentials sticks it to industry conventions
Rushmila Rahman

When it comes to movement, there’s no such thing as the right direction. Damian Van Zyll De Jong, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Human Essentials, built his brand to encourage conscious consumption and movement in everyday life. “Everyone talks about...

Mar 15, 2022
To help solve the world’s big water problem, this B.C. cleantech innovator thinks small
Nick Rockel

Like many other local business owners, the founders of cleantech firm CarboNet had some sleepless nights when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The Vancouver-based startup had just spent a year proving the effectiveness of its water treatment platform, which uses drug delivery...

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