Sep 14, 2022
Vancouver-based Eevee's is bringing personal electric vehicles to the road
Nathan Caddell

A couple of years ago, Bradley Spence and Lukas Tanasiuk were laughed out of their local bank branch. The pair of long-time friends had embarked on a venture selling personal electric vehicles like scooters, electric unicycles (EUCs) and onewheels. They...

Sep 12, 2022
How a Vancouver company partnered with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton
Nathan Caddell

Jamie Keech still remembers the words of his high school guidance counsellor. The Ontario native couldn’t decide between environmental or mining engineering as his college major. “They said if I wanted to do environmental engineering, I should do it an...

Sep 9, 2022
Teal Jones partners with the Pacheedaht First Nation to grow their role in forestry
Rushmila Rahman

With a lot of firms extending an olive branch to Indigenous communities around Canada in the past few years, private forestry company Teal Jones claims to have been working on First Nations business development for multiple decades. The family business, which...

Sep 6, 2022
Pacific Trader: Ballard Power has its eyes on the BidenBucks
Michael McCullough

The stock: Amid the renewed stock market carnage of recent weeks, one cohort of issuers had something to celebrate. Makers of green energy technology enjoyed a sizeable bump after U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law...

Sep 1, 2022
Vancouver-based developer Townline Homes cleans up its act for a circular economy
Rushmila Rahman

The CEO of Vancouver-based developer Townline Homes used to be a regular consumer of products just like anyone else. Then, one day, his son started talking about what he was learning at school, pulling up stories and images on the...

Aug 5, 2022
Delphi Group leads the charge in the fight for ESG—in an increasingly hostile business environment
Matt O'Grady

When news broke on February 15 that B.C. would be lifting most of its COVID-19 restrictions, including allowing indoor events to return to full capacity, few were as excited as the organizers behind the GLOBE Forum. After a two-year absence...

Aug 3, 2022
Victoria-based Origen secures $1.5 million in its quest to make offices more breathable
Rushmila Rahman

For a company to care about its employees’ health in addition to their productivity is a breath of fresh air these days. And with the increasing importance of office spaces that allow for both, any company that doesn’t invest in...

Aug 2, 2022
Getting to the root of B.C.'s battle over old growth forests
Steven Threndyle

With lumber having a massive boom in B.C. these days, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the province’s debate around its oldest forests. If the international boycott that successfully ended (most) old-growth logging in the Carmanah...

Jul 5, 2022
Nada's latest acquisition opens the Jarr to reach more sustainable shoppers across B.C.
Rushmila Rahman

B.C.'s food system isn't perfect, but some residents are at least helping it get better. Vancouver-based Nada is a package-free grocery store and delivery service looking to create a local and circular economy food system. Its founder, Brianne Miller, understood the assignment...

Jun 30, 2022
30 Under 30: Sang Lê and Arielle Lok are chewing away at food waste with Peko Produce
Nick Rockel

Life Story: At age 11 in her native Vietnam, Sang Lê started a newspaper for preteens and sold it at school. Arielle Lok, who was born in Hong Kong, became a children’s rights advocate after moving to Calgary in 2010.

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