This 2.5-day interactive executive education program will explore the challenges and opportunities of the global energy transition. You will work with industry and global academic leaders from around the world to learn what you need to know to succeed in a rapidly changing environment that demands immediate action but will ultimately reward long term commitments.

British Columbia’s natural gas has the potential to offset coal consumption in Asia and bridge the gap to a fully renewable global energy sector. This program will stimulate discussions and reflections on the issues that will shape the scale of economic development related to LNG exports.

You’ll learn more from renowned experts and thought leaders in this field while building dialogue on the environmental, social and governance impacts.

This program is open to all stakeholders in a diverse range of sectors to network and gain insight on one of the most compelling, controversial and complex prospects facing British Columbia today.

This 2.5 day interactive program will provide participants with:

  • A strong foundation on the current global energy transition and the role Canada’s gas resources will play

  • A deep dive into the global competitive landscape of LNG, with expert insights on market conditions in Asia, Europe and the United States

  • A roadmap for how existing LNG projects in Canada can remain competitive while also managing heightened environmental and social expectations

  • An opportunity to connect and learn from with industry leaders, policymakers, and Indigenous leaders on the evolving LNG industry in BC

Professional learning transformation. Global recognition

After completing this 2.5-day program, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate is a formal recognition of your commitment to continuous professional development in leadership and expertise in the global gas industry.