Dates: Nov 1, 2019 to Nov 2, 2019
Location: Parq Vancouver

VR/AR Global Summits are world-class events bringing together the best knowledge and networking for enterprise, hardware, software and content providers.

Expected to eclipse almost 10 times its current market size to over US$160 billion by 2023, virtual and augmented reality is changing the game in almost every industry, from the obvious—storytelling and gaming—to the surprising—military and defence, health care and education.

Keynotes and demos include: 
• Travis May, Mastercard: The future of workplace training and how a multinational company can harness VR to revolutionize the way their workforce learns.
• Charles Bern, Patio: a Toronto-based company that is at the forefront of VR applications to educate and train those in the cannabis industry.
• Aubrey Tucker, Etro Construction: Heading the Vancouver-based construction company's implementation of new technologies across its business.
• Archiact Demo: Vancouver-based company debuts Lenovo Mirage AR app-enabled augmented-reality experience, Marvel Dimension of Heroes, that allows attendees to harness the power of six iconic superheroes.
• Diego Medina, Viacom: The strategy behind VR/AR in recent pop culture moments such as Missy Elliott’s VMA’s Vanguard! performance and its unique place in concert and festival experiences.