Dates: Oct 5, 2019 to Oct 5, 2019
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre

The third annual Zili Conference brings together a community of over 350 women, patients, physicians and allied health-care professionals for a full day of women’s preventative health-care forum at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Participants are immersed in evidence-based presentations about the mind-body connection. 

Hosted by CBC Vancouver’s veteran multi-award-winning TV/radio journalist, and Order of Canada recipient Gloria Macarenko, the focus this year continues to delve deeper into preventative health strategies, with the goal to provide a platform that will inform and assist women in navigating our medical system to their own specific health care advantage, changing the “band-aid” approach to female health care.

This year’s keynote speaker, internationally renowned author and speaker, and Order of Canada recipient, Dr.Gabor Maté, will be addressing an audience of women who are awakening to a rapidly evolving need for self-care. In addition to Dr. Maté, animpressive list of speakers includes TV/radio broadcaster, community advocate and current MP candidate Tamara Taggart, psychiatrist and author Diane Mcintosh, and three-time Canadian Olympian gold and silver medalist Jennifer Heil. A special guest performance by Canadian soul singer Miranda Joan, debuting her new song “Happy to Have You,” rounds off an impressive list of women on stage advocating the pillars of Zili C.A.R.E.

Zili C.A.R.E founder Dr. Maryam Zeineddin has been a family physician for more than a decade and has witnessed an increase in devastating physical and psychological illnesses, many of which could have been more effectively treated if diagnosed earlier or avoided altogether with the right level of preventative care. Dr. Zeineddin believes our current medical system is not set up to support women’s specific needs for mental and physical health in areas of access, research and tools. Zili C.A.R.E seeks to bridge the present gaps in women’s health care education and awareness.

The four pillars of Zili C.A.R.E are about manifesting a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul through the following continuum:

1) Calming the Mind 2) Activating the Body 3) Reinforcing the Body 4) Engaging the Soul 

This convention strives to put the true meaning of health and self-care at the forefront of all Canadian women’s lives with evidence driven information and insights, lifestyle tools and robust and supportive community.